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Hey! I'm Mitch, The Detail Geek and on my channel I provide you with all kinds of detailing entertainment and purely satisfying videos! If you want to see some insane transformations of dirty vehicles, nasty carpets, or learn a thing or two about detailing along the way, then you've come to the right place!

  • {ChefOreo }
    {ChefOreo }

    Canadians are boring

  • Vinith Vimal
    Vinith Vimal

    Good cleaning...btw can you give the Link for the pressure washer that you are using?

  • Neil Patel
    Neil Patel

    Absolutely one of my favorite cars out there. Great detailing vid!

  • Zaf

    Wait, Is this a Beamng drive mod?

  • cocoa baby
    cocoa baby

    why don’t you wear gloves?😭

    • cocoa baby
      cocoa baby


  • Callum Morgan
    Callum Morgan

    2 years later I think you will be seeing this car again

  • Amber King
    Amber King

    People complaining about how the car is dirty and how could someone be okay with it for that long. It's called having kids, my mom's car wasn't as bad because we did try to keep things clean but, her car had juice squirt stains on the ceiling, the amount of breast milk stains around the car seat base were ridiculous, my little brother had left silly putty in the back seat cup holder that was the center console it took me days picking the green mess out of the latch mechanism. These are just the standouts that I remember, oh and the putty was a few years ago I still find some when it has been a hot day. Kids are gross, they touch everything almost never wash their hands drop everything constantly and never pick it up unless they want it back they will never tell you it fell, kids are the death of nice things. I work with kids, still love them but you have to be prepared for messes that you don't want to deal with then and there because you know there will be another in 5 mins.

  • The Mark of Kain
    The Mark of Kain

    There is no excuse for letting your vehicle get like this. People are freaking lazy.

  • Caitlin

    Am I the only one that like watching dirty water get sucked up into the Bisel? 😅😂 It’s kinda therapeutic

  • 2010stoof

    What guage and length extension cord do you use for your extractor?

  • Kuba Smoleński
    Kuba Smoleński

    How much does it cost this concrete cleaning? ^^

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan

    Fake video

  • He Man
    He Man

    How TF can someone treat their cars like that, cars cost a lot of money so why let go them to waste

  • Ирина Русакова
    Ирина Русакова

    Я представляю какая вонь в этой машине, капец.

  • Aracelism S
    Aracelism S

    I enjoy watching the Transformation and the dedication you have for your job. You have a fantastic working area You're also very hot 🔥 did not mean to make you blush ☺️. Pls post more video

  • Dapper Don.
    Dapper Don.

    Dude, c ca ca can I get one of those?

  • Amaymon

    From horse pedicure to car cleaning. Thank you, ESwindow.

  • rayan shariff
    rayan shariff

    I want that BMW

  • Damir Minovar
    Damir Minovar

    For a car guy doesn’t look like that owner really took care of his car in the first place! I’d never eat messy food in my m3 let alone ice cream

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M

    The cigarette butts strewn throughout the car really shows what kind of people use that car 🥴

  • Nayz Anduze
    Nayz Anduze

    I don't know how someone can drive in filth day in day out.

  • Gabe Diaz
    Gabe Diaz

    whats the name of the song from the first part of the video?

  • Danelle Vermeulen
    Danelle Vermeulen

    I love your video's. One thing I like looking at while you detail, are your forearms. I hope I'm not the only woman noticing it, but good job. My favorite detailer, please keep it up. 🤪

  • Serena W
    Serena W

    This is why you don’t let your kids eat in the car

  • Danielle Burrows
    Danielle Burrows

    ...why do they have q50 weather mats..???? Its? A? Kia?????

  • Elizabeth Tumelty
    Elizabeth Tumelty

    It that van had a name it would be called Manky franky

  • Bryson Bagley
    Bryson Bagley

    How much money are you getting paid for a restoration like this?

  • Tufale Ashai
    Tufale Ashai

    How much would a normal detailing cost?


    Mike always makes me laugh 😆

  • Koichiro Kleps
    Koichiro Kleps

    In a couple months, that van’s definitely gonna end up in the witness protection program

  • saikat tarafdar
    saikat tarafdar

    Thank god Gordon Ramsay didn't see it😁😁

  • Tyra

    Not the costumer trying to use her 4 kids as an excuse 1st off you were just being lazy for not cleaning it when it got dirty in the first place 2nd people with way more kids than you with cleaner cars

  • Nathaen Wood
    Nathaen Wood

    "Customer didn't pay for it but I noticed it after so I just did it." That's great customer service. Going above and beyond when most people won't even notice.

  • samuel yol pivaral
    samuel yol pivaral

    Bro enjoy watching your videos 💕 really made my day today

  • Tracen Gronquist
    Tracen Gronquist

    THis almmost made me through up then at the end it was ah

  • Savanna Valentina
    Savanna Valentina

    They looked exactly how I imagined them to...

  • Whitney Mitchell
    Whitney Mitchell

    @thedetailgeek I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but how much do you charge for a detail like that?! My seats are protected and pristine but admittedly I've been guilty of my floor looking like that and my center console being full of crumbs and debris. I get anxiety about taking it in to be detailed without first vacuuming it out and cleaning it to the best of my own ability....

  • Le Ann Williams
    Le Ann Williams

    Have you ever broken anything or damaged anything on a vehicle?

  • Burn Durden
    Burn Durden

    Me cleaning cars in the car wash: $10 tip per car Him cleaning cars in his own garage: $0 + $10000 from youtube 😆 #youngandbroke

  • Maridel Weaver
    Maridel Weaver

    Yeah, Mike

  • delucks

    물만 뿌려도 벌써 깨끗하구만 대체 왜 저렇게 타고다니는거야..

  • This is Artisa.
    This is Artisa.

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched a video lol but I would have had a whole vacuum cleaner in there haha

  • ScienceCHUS

    Having four kids is no excuse for having such a filthy van! Teach your kids some respect! I hate to even imagine how they are in other aspects of life. Totally disgusting!

  • Ethan Runyan
    Ethan Runyan

    My car is 24 years old and the seats don’t look like that. Holy cow.

  • Alejandro Cristancho
    Alejandro Cristancho

    I guarantee you something, those kids will grow up to radical liberal socialists leftists who complain about inequality. who wont want to work and will want subsidies from the government.

  • Ricky Cortez
    Ricky Cortez

    This is next level stupidity. I’m sorry but I can only imagine what there house looks like. What’s their even crazier letting them selves be seen on camera as if the car just needed a little detail. You just showed how nasty 🤢 you guys are.

  • mr .moose
    mr .moose

    Jesus christ

  • Jelly Jilli
    Jelly Jilli

    Just started. I wonder if the owners will blame the kids this time too. Super excited!

  • Kermyt Padilla
    Kermyt Padilla

    This car was fucking gross 😭 I can only imagine what their house looks like

  • Anti -
    Anti -

    Thank God you started it on camera. This American loves his V8's.

  • Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo

    That truck is so clean I completely forgot it was a shitbox Chevy. 😂

  • Mike Pineda
    Mike Pineda

    Two things come to mind: 1) I bet that van is still rocking the original oil and air filter 2) If the van looks like that, what does the house look like??

  • trumpy padron
    trumpy padron

    Im curious what do u think of fox clean james staffer whatever. Hes as grimy as the cars he cleans

  • M D
    M D

    Great job, but as soon as the customer gets into the vehicle and drives off with the snow and slush still on the road, that black will look yucky in five minutes.

  • BlackCloud Nation
    BlackCloud Nation

    I would be ashamed to bring my car to a detailer with it in this condition. I would hate to see their home and their obviously undisciplined offspring. Disgusting. Great job cleaning it.

  • Julio Cesar Mauro
    Julio Cesar Mauro

    Mcdonald's orgy

  • HockeyLAKings119

    How do you like having a sewage grate in your garage? Makes it easier to clean everything for sure. Are you ever worried that that could get flooded, and you would get a whole bunch of sewage backed up and flood your garage? Also, does it smell bad or is there no odor?

  • crazyve26

    How can you be so dirty?... sorry but but not sorry. That is some major grossness 🤢

  • Rachel Ratcliff
    Rachel Ratcliff

    Mike could get it 😏😆

  • Krista McCardle
    Krista McCardle

    these videos w cars of people with kids are the BEST form of birth control hands down

  • Churro Troll
    Churro Troll

    if the movie "Cars" really existed this car would have had the best spa day in existence! This man Is the chosen one blessing these cars with his power washer!

  • G B
    G B

    Love your channel! Do you ever show a detail of engine compartment? VR GB

  • Jesse Brockman
    Jesse Brockman

    He neglects to mention in all of his videos as well as some other detailing videos I've seen you need to pay attention when pressure washing door jambs the panels on the sides of the dash are not sealed if you point the washer in the wrong spot you will blast water into the electronics behind the dash. Water plus electronics do not mix. Also when steam cleaning the dash do not point the steam cleaner at the disc slot in your radio again water plus electronics do not mix. Some of the modern head units ( radio or stereo) can cost over two grand to have replaced.

  • Justin Dyck
    Justin Dyck

    Again, someone buy this guy a guitar tuner for Christmas! Awesome vid as always ☺️

  • Julie Kelly
    Julie Kelly

    A 2018!????? Its 2020!!.. Omg how did they get it that dirty in such a short amount of time?? ...and having kids aint an excuse either! Thats just nasty.

  • Andre Z
    Andre Z

    Those sandwiches are sad

  • Dina B
    Dina B

    Try AWESOME from Dollar Tree for those stubborn stains. It removes everything. Just be careful on the paint. But carpets. It does the job !

  • Aron Change pfp
    Aron Change pfp

    Damn house flip lookin kinda real

  • JJR

    Mike is a basic chad lol