Deep Cleaning a DISASTER Work Truck! | INSANE Detailing Transformation and Owner Reaction!

27 nov 2020
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This Honda work truck hadn't been cleaned once in 14 years and was an absolute DISASTER! From the horseshoes to all the snow, dirt and grime, the transformation this farrier's work truck makes is truly magical and the owner thought so too!
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  • Todos los autos te quedan bien limpios amigo, muy buen trabajo saludos desde 🇲🇽👍👍👍👍

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  • Dang lucky im in cali lol. My shop we use alot of p&s priducts. My fav is acid idk if you use acid. Removes water spots off anything. And brightins all chrome parts.

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      Oz RicoOz RicoHace un mes
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      A RadA RadHace un mes
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