How To Clean Your Engine Safely Without Water // STEAM CLEAN ENGINE BAY!!
How To Clean Your Engine Bay Safely Without Water - Steam Clean Engine Bay! In this video I show you how to clean and detail an engine bay safely without the use of running water. I use steam, all purpose cleaner, and a detail brush to get the job done and the results are awesome - without the risk of messing up your engine!
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Products used:
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Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Drying Towel -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Glass Cleaner -
Optimum Tire Shine -
Griots Garage 6” Dual Action Polisher -
5 inch backing plate -
Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” Pads -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
Wheel Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Leather Brush -
Carpet Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Detail Brushes -
Grit Guards -
Meguiar’s Detail Spray -
Meguiar’s AIO -
CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 Edition -
CarPro Reload -
Bissell SpotClean Professional -
Drill Brush Attachment Set -
McCulloch MC1375 Steam System -
Carpet Solution -
Car Wash Soap -
Glass Waffle Weave Towel -
Black Latex Gloves -
CarPro PERL -
My Gear:
Camera - Sony a7iii -
Lenses - 28-70mm f3.5-5.6 -
28mm f2.0 -
85mm f1.8 -
Mic - Rode VideoMic -
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Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Glass Cleaner -
Optimum Tire Shine -
Griot’s Garage 6 inch Dual Action Polisher -
5 inch Backing Plate -
Meguiar’s Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” pads -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Carpet Brush -
Leather Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Detail Brushes -
Grit Guards -
Meguiar’s Detail Spray -
Meguiar’s AIO -
Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Sealant -
CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 Edition -
CarPro Reload -
Bissell SpotClean Professional -
Drill Brush Attachment Set -
McCulloch MC1375 Steam System -
Carpet Solution -
Car Wash Soap -
Black Latex Gloves -
CarPro PERL -
My Gear:
Camera - Sony a7iii -
Lenses - 28-70mm f3.5-5.6 -
28mm f2.0 -
85mm f1.8 -
Mic - Rode VideoMic -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner -
Griots Garage 6” Dual Action Polisher -
5 inch Backing Plate -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Detail Brushes -
Carpet Brush -
Drill Brush Set -
Leather Brush -
Grit Guards -
Foam Cannon -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Car Wash Soap -
Black Latex Gloves -
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Music by Joakim Karud

  • Jejaka Malaya
    Jejaka Malaya

    Doesn’t that make the circuit reset?


    I’ll pay to have this done

  • Tyrek Cheeseman
    Tyrek Cheeseman

    The end had me laughing so hard 🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Nelson
    Jeremy Nelson

    I do pretty much everything not to. I hose the engine down with a hose and get it all wet then spray cleaner over the whole thing. Hose back down. Done. 10 minutes. It doesn't look like a 500 greenback detail but it's nice enough.

  • Dylan Ethridge
    Dylan Ethridge

    Always been super nit picky about a clean engine bay

  • Andreas Warberg
    Andreas Warberg

    Is there any benefit to cleaning the engine bay apart from aestetics?

  • Kanzen Александр
    Kanzen Александр

    Wet wipes vs dry wipes.

  • Richard P
    Richard P

    Dude clean and lube your battery posts!

  • David Fournier
    David Fournier

    Love your channel, mate. You have my dream job 😉

  • colby78hurley

    Extreme case of OCD and I love it

  • Bruce Langley
    Bruce Langley

    Oh I see no power sprayer . Careful clean looks ok.

  • Bruce Langley
    Bruce Langley

    I wouldn’t do it. Dirt and oil won’t mess with expensive electronics.

  • awZeNo

    i see the jeep engine bay cleansing where he uses water, then i see this video. did your plan with using water change? this video is older than that of the jeep

  • Gold Wolf
    Gold Wolf

    Mechanics won’t treat your car any differently clean or dirty. They don’t give a shit about your car. All they care about is your money. They might even say you fucked up your sensors or computer or fuses by cleaning your engine just so they can charge you more money. Just fix everything yourself.

  • Gold Wolf
    Gold Wolf

    Steam is water dumb ass 😂

    • Gold Wolf
      Gold Wolf

      The Detail Geek water doesn’t have legs... 😂 thicken that skin up bro. Just messing with ya.

    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek

      Can’t read a thumbnail eh.

  • The American
    The American

    I keep my engine bays and underneath where the oil pans, transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, wheel wells, struts/shocks, and interior are spotless at all times. The same goes maintenance wise as well, using only premium products. The biggest reasons are - 1. If there is a leak, it can be spotted immediately. 2. Having a dirty engine and/or radiator is the equivalent of wearing a coat in the middle of summer. 3. Vehicles cost way too much to not care for them properly. 4. Confidence - Never know if/when I need to make a last minute trip and knowing either vehicle will get us there and back with almost no chance of mechanical/electrical incidents. And "Yes" - Whenever a mechanic is involved (which is almost nil except for warranty reasons), they do treat my vehicles far better than anyone else's, every time, of which I am always grateful.

    • Nathan Rook
      Nathan Rook

      Keep writing these kind of comments on ESwindow videos. I can tell you have a lot wisdom to share with the ESwindow community. If only every ESwindow comment had numbered bullet points so the information could be more easily processed by us regular people who are missing your vast intelligence. Then one day maybe we too, may receive the level of service you get every time you are serviced!

  • secrated

    I wonder how many micro fibers were taken away from their families for this video

  • LeeAnn Paul
    LeeAnn Paul

    Nice job,you are very thorough with your cleaning

  • Ron Pareja
    Ron Pareja

    Do you use just regular tap water with the McCulloch steamer? I've heard of people using reverse osmosis or even deionized water to prevent calcium buildup and extend the life of their steamers.

  • Beowulf

    All that work...then doesn't bother cleaning the corrosion off the battery terminal. lol

  • Chriš P Baycon
    Chriš P Baycon

    I just use 1 can of degreaser, couple of plastic bags for the sensitive electrical areas, light water rinse and air hose the engine bay out 15-20mins tops

  • jiji android
    jiji android

    Cleaning an engine bay is like cleaning an empty cigarette pack

  • Tausha the Tech
    Tausha the Tech

    Original battery??? Unheard of in AZ with a truck that old

  • Sashay Salmon
    Sashay Salmon

    Is it the same for hybrids?

  • Michele Aldworth
    Michele Aldworth

    Hi there. I just saw your video and at the end I saw your attempts at the intro. Making a successful ESwindow video is not that easy. Good job. Thank you for your time on showing us the process of detailing a car. Take care and God bless.

  • iMaveTube

    3.5l eco🤣 boost

  • Anton Kokarski
    Anton Kokarski

    Super safe till all sealed electrical connectors corrode from steam

  • LeBaron King
    LeBaron King

    This guy sucks bring back Mike

  • rebecca lankford
    rebecca lankford

    Steam is water. Remove the hood liner, clean and replace. Why not use joy or dawn dish detergent? Cover the alternator and other components like spark plugs? Grass greener on the other side? Every watch the Wizard of Oz?🙃 Ps. Also use paint sticks for faded embossed lettering and after cleaning rusted bolts/screws.😘

  • Ray Flores
    Ray Flores

    What steamer do you recommend?

  • Justin Horman
    Justin Horman

    I think, this method only works for maintainence engine bay cleaning. If it is a heavier detailing, you need a degreaser, both fender brush and detail brush.

  • William Guest
    William Guest

    Do you have a link showing what products you use?

  • April Hanyon
    April Hanyon


  • matt s
    matt s

    You do realize steam uses Water right...

  • Khaos LilJr
    Khaos LilJr


  • Khaos LilJr
    Khaos LilJr


  • Crystal Johnson
    Crystal Johnson

    Thank you detail geek I’ve been wanting to clean my engine but bean to scared to this vid was so helpfull

  • stoney renegade
    stoney renegade

    Haha that was a trip. Cool effect

  • Derek Gardin
    Derek Gardin

    Um steam is superheated water.

  • Logan

    Steam is water just saying

  • Bob Perley
    Bob Perley

    how long did it take you? I've actually thought of using a steam cleaner myself. I never done it before, but just got myself a decent truck, but engine bay is dirty! And I'm gonna learn to detail it myself. Just wondering how long it took you, so it can possibly motivate me to do it a bit more, lol.

  • Alessandro Fafa
    Alessandro Fafa

    Hai Sir....i wonder is there ane problem after you cleaned the angine bay...honestly...cause a lot of wire and sencore there..thanks...say Hi from Indonesia....

  • Herman

    No water you say 🧐 so steam doesnt come from boiling water? 😉 good vid anyway 👍

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    Jeffrey Sasquatch

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    Hannan Hassan

    hi sir can i use tire fom cleaner on my nissan rouge engine

  • KC Nham
    KC Nham

    Steam is water

  • bilbil rajpoot
    bilbil rajpoot

    Thank you for showing such nice and easy tips to keep your ride clean and tidy. Its definitely easy to detail vehicle for people living in private houses, not for us New Yorkers who live in apartments lol. I just bought my camry and wanna do everything by myself so I can be completley satisfied but got no place to plug in all those wires for washers, steamers, vacuum etc. Overall, I really love watching you detailing vehicles perfectly. Its a therapy 😌 keep it up brother 👍🏻✌🏼

  • SteveVi0lence

    Hey dumbass, steam cones from water. Shocking, I know right?

    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek

      I said NO RUNNING WATER....I think that’s pretty easy to understand, but not for everyone it seems.

  • Derively

    Thumbnail says "no running water", than he sprays the cleaner liquid all over the engine...

    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek

      Lol running water would be using a hose or pressure yeah, I didn’t use running water 👍🏻

  • Ron Ayotte
    Ron Ayotte

    I've always wondered why auto manufacturers put all the nooks and crannies on the airbox housings...

  • Jimmy Wilson
    Jimmy Wilson

    Very nice!

  • westward bound
    westward bound

    And you need water for steam smart guy

  • westward bound
    westward bound

    Do NOT remove your battery unless you know what your doing. Some cars can go into security mode. Bad advice

  • Steven R.
    Steven R.

    How do you get waterless steam?

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    Mr Johnson

    Love your music this music freeware?

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    A Ww

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    Chris Sula

    Dude! You need more bloopers and out takes on your videos

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  • Bastion Wolf
    Bastion Wolf

    This video just got recommended to me. Meaning ESwindow is getting getting more searches and interests in engine bay cleaning. You should do another one of these videos soon, I think it'll be really successful and being a long time viewer I think it would be nice to show your vehicle again.

  • M C
    M C

    I can watch this all day!

  • Neisha Marie Belliveau
    Neisha Marie Belliveau

    Ah ha my car has the same size motor as your truck,neat!

  • OnlyTheBest

    Isn’t steam still water?

  • Pasha Gameing
    Pasha Gameing

    Help Subscribe me please

  • Lee Dress
    Lee Dress

    Just cleaned mine with a degreaser, and now it smells like degreaser. And its getting in the vents.. I need something to get rid of the bad smell. Any ideas?

    • Lee Dress
      Lee Dress

      @Kay Krewe thanks. I've been trying the lysol down the intake for inside air, but the issue is the motor and the engine bay still smell. I'll try spaying the motor with something and wipe it off.

    • Kay Krewe
      Kay Krewe

      Let all the windows down. Turn air on highest setting while car is running. Spray 1/3-1/2 can of Lysol or disinfect spray through air intake. And leave the windows down overnight so it can air out throughly.

  • Tenzack YOGI
    Tenzack YOGI

    He forgot to remove engine cover under where lots of dirt and grease,he could find.

  • Theredstar2478

    What would happen if you dimpled the cleaner into the water bin for the steamer ?

  • Topias Salakka
    Topias Salakka

    There's like a 1cm layer of caked on oil on my engine and transmission, should get around to cleaning that some day...

  • o m
    o m

    Was cool since had steamer but I just get a bucket warm water some towels and super clean diluted 5 1 wet towel ring out so damp spray super clean go wipe away at all plastics grit go over with dry towel keep swapping tell engine bay clean use a rinsless wash on painted stuff and spray a bit on dry towel to help get super clean off

  • Kirsten Holliday
    Kirsten Holliday

    Anyone tell you you cute when you mad 😂

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    Bongbong Dy

    Bro. you must wear clear glass to protect your eyes. Especially overhead, for your safety..

  • Justinho Regna
    Justinho Regna

    Just wondering how the hoses and cables deal with the heat of the steam, this is something you can't do too often i think.

    • Adrian Camili
      Adrian Camili

      The engine gets hot under the hood anyways so I think it’ll be fine

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  • CB L
    CB L

    I use small piece of paper with $100 printed on it. Works ar my local detail shop.

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    How to clean engine without water...uses water vapor

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    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek

      No running water 😉

  • Bruno Alexsander
    Bruno Alexsander

    Hi, I'm Bruno, I live in Miami Florida! I am an avid watcher of your detail transformations, I live it! Lol.. Question for you, how would you clean dirty seat belts, what would use you as a cleaner and which tools are needed? Thank you! 😁

  • Kenneth Dunn
    Kenneth Dunn

    I dont have a steamer :-/

  • Jennie RedRose
    Jennie RedRose

    Nice vid. *Why no link to that Pearl protectant?* But , this was the best engine bay cleaning video as opposed to others who just opened the hood and sprayed everywhere. I like how you explained that we should first blow away or vacuum all the dust and dirt. Removing the battery is a good touch also! Just doing those things alone made this video better than the others. Awesome video!

  • Matt Drenkow
    Matt Drenkow

    Mike is so Canadian he would say "ohhh soorryy" if he caught you in bed with his wife.

  • julian amauri
    julian amauri

    Hi! You didnt put which all purpose cleaner you use on the description, could you let me know if you got time? Thanks!

  • R W
    R W

    Grease up the terminals on the battery.

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    PREDATOR2187 Alex

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  • A Y
    A Y

    cleaning cosmetically engine bay is stupid. this part is the machine room. its supposed to be greasy dusty and oily. removing dirt from that part serve no purpose and is also risky. the dirt keeps whats need to be sealed, sealed from environment. waste of time and money. clean only passengers saloon and vehicles outside look.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    Steam is technically still water, so there's still a risk present.

  • motorhead

    Another product that's really good to shine up the engine bay and also other plastics and rubbers is meguiar's black trim restorer

  • Antonio Ocasio
    Antonio Ocasio

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    Fake Freedom

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  • stupidgenius15

    This looks like it would take forever compared to using a power washer.

  • Lenah B
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    As a new viewer going and binging through older videos I must admit I'm pretty devastated to find out Mike is not a real person hahaha

    • Andrew I.
      Andrew I.


  • Leonardo di parma
    Leonardo di parma

    I watched mr fix it and I thought that his approach to clean the engine bay was too much work and it involved a lot of intricacies, so I thought of using the steam cleaner that you recommended , I'm glad that I've seen your video , I got everything right but the UV protectant was missing , just ordered me one

  • Drew Gifford
    Drew Gifford

    without water but before cleaning anything he sprays water solution...

  • PianoUniverse

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    1Lt Uncle Jack

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