FIRST CLEAN of a Big DIRTY Chrysler! | Satisfying Car Detailing of a Filthy Chrysler 200C

26 feb 2021
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This Chrysler 200C was in desperate need of a good deep cleaning as it was a filthy mess! Full of garbage, dog hair, super dirty leather and a dirty engine bay, the transformation this Chrysler made was incredible!
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  • Hope you guys enjoyed this one!! Thumbs up if you caught Mike’s second cameo at the end of the video! 😉 Be sure to check out the NEW merch (use code HAPPY10 for 10% off until March 1) and consider becoming a member of the channel, Mike would love you for it! 👉🏼

    The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace un mes
    • @The Detail Geek My 13 year old son is a detailer, and he loves your ultra soft detail brushes, and the big plush drying towels. One tip he could give you is for perforated leather seats with the little breather holes, don’t spray cleaner directly onto the seats, as it can cause problems with heated seats. Spray cleaner onto the horsehair leather brush, not directly on the seat. Same with conditioning. Apply on applicator pad, and smear it in with your finger, to prevent it from getting blotchy and plugging up the breather holes, and THEN apply onto the seat. Works very well. Aside from that, you do everything 100% correct. You are his Favorite detailer. You’re work is incredible.

      Danielle CrydermanDanielle CrydermanHace un mes
    • Mitch, you’ve repped the Bissell cleaner, and I just bought one. Question: do you bother adding the Bissell cleaning solution to the water tank? Since you’ve already sprayed cleaner on the floor at/carpet/seat and agitated, it seems redundant to throw another cleaner on while extracting. I’d appreciate knowing how you do it. Thanks.

      bartmanbaseballbartmanbaseballHace un mes
    • Hey The Detail Geek i have just one question.. Do you detail under the hood everytime or is it optional?

      Arman Can ERSÜZERArman Can ERSÜZERHace un mes
    • Can you include sunroof detailing in some future videos? 😁

      JbsJbsHace un mes
    • I enjoy watching your videos & watched numerous of your videos before I decided to subscribe. I'm surprised you don't use your hand held steamer on the stubborn stains in the floorboard carpets. You are very thorough, meticulous & do a fantastic job. I have OCD so if it were me doing it, I would use the hand held steamer on those stubborn stains in the carpet & seats. Happy detailing!

      Desha DawnDesha DawnHace un mes
  • Okay but this music is such a chill vibe. Anyone have a link or a track name? Specifically for the first track, sorry, forgot there's probably more than one.

    Juno ChatelainJuno ChatelainHace un día
  • Бля кто ездит на этих машинах? Даже каршеринги почище будут

    ASAP RockyASAP RockyHace 2 días
  • Can someone tell me if mike is his bf or if they’re related or why they live together

    mossy mushroommossy mushroomHace 8 días
    • Don’t worry I’m not homophobic

      mossy mushroommossy mushroomHace 8 días
  • I just washed our 2013 Dodge Dart, we bought it 9urs ago with 8 miles on it. And yes it was it’s first wash.

    Hipsters & HippiesHipsters & HippiesHace 11 días
  • Did a really sweet job here! The car is back to looking sleek and sexy.

    Butacup PucatubButacup PucatubHace 11 días
  • Am i the only one that watches these videos because its satisfying

    stephen mcfarlanestephen mcfarlaneHace 12 días
  • I have a suggestion: get some tire shine and rub it on the tire after the clean. Adds to the new car vibe.

    Nishanth DommetyNishanth DommetyHace 13 días
    • Don’t forget some protectant which will make the interior sparkle and make old faded dashes look brand new.

      Nishanth DommetyNishanth DommetyHace 13 días
  • Any tips on washing a car outside?

    Rodrigo RodriguezRodrigo RodriguezHace 13 días
  • Are they related? They look similar in my opinion.

    Alex BAlex BHace 13 días
  • Who is Mike?

    Samantha StraitSamantha StraitHace 15 días
  • Hoodies are now bunny hugs to me 🥰

    Gwenn HallGwenn HallHace 15 días
  • Fairly new to this channel, love the detailing porn! I've always wondered, do you tell your clients to leave the garbage in the car or do they just always leave their garbage for you to clean up? Also, this is the first time I've seen you clean an engine bay, personally, I use WD40 for the dress up, I find it takes less effort and still gives the engine a nice lasting shine. I'm inviting your feedback on this.

    Jerome McKenzieJerome McKenzieHace 15 días
  • Great job, let's see your car and how you pay attention to it in detail

    ماد ماكسماد ماكسHace 17 días
  • lol if this guy is in my country i wouldnt mind sending my car to him everytime my car gets so dirty, but still i wanted to become like him, his so into what he was doing and thats what makes him for me the perfect example of a professional detailer, THANK YOU! and furthermore why not meguiars sponsored this guy or at least take him as one of theirs best professional detailers, i would do that i was the ceo of the company Lol, KEEP IT UP BRO!

    adib afiqadib afiqHace 19 días
  • It melts my brain seeing what people eat and feed their children! So much garbage "food"... It's no wonder the average lifespan is getting shorter.

    Thomas DeMookaThomas DeMookaHace 20 días
  • 404 big car not found

    Patrick KrottPatrick KrottHace 21 un día
  • when you say you dilute product 4:1 is that water:product or product:water?

    Alicia ApodacaAlicia ApodacaHace 22 días
  • Seeing cars like this makes me pray that I don't have kids

    SkortcheeSkortcheeHace 22 días
  • Hoe much $$$?

    Robert BalkovecRobert BalkovecHace 23 días
  • I live in NY and was always told that if the temperature is below freezing you don’t wash your car. This is the reason my car goes several weeks if not the whole winter without getting washed. I don’t want to freeze parts up. Is this true or a just an old wives tale? Please advise. Thank you!!

    ConcernedConcernedHace 25 días
  • Amazing! Also the music in this vid is 10/10!

    ProbotectorProbotectorHace 26 días
  • So is Mike your second personality or your boyfriend?

    • I know thats only 2 options but hoping to guess right

      BIG D'S GARAGEBIG D'S GARAGEHace 27 días
  • Great awesome video , I hate those rug liners they take so long cleaning them , drives me but , I think when I order my new trail boss I have the option to not have them

    Farms HoffmanFarms HoffmanHace 27 días
  • Hey Mitch do you ever use an air hose to remove standing water from places where it might sit there?

    Aaron PetersenAaron PetersenHace 29 días
  • Other than the extractor the steamer has to be my favorite tool.

    Manuel LaborManuel LaborHace 29 días
  • Other than the owner using it as a traveling trash can, car didn't actually seem too bad.

    I Am The CheeseI Am The CheeseHace 29 días
  • The Morgz music at the end🤣

    manneyqp _manneyqp _Hace un mes
  • what do you do use if you dont have a steamer?

    Zachary K25Zachary K25Hace un mes
  • I want to clean my engine part and stuff from the hood. But, I'm scared to do so? Its so dirty. It drives me nuts. What should I do? I want to just spray it and wipe down good. How much water is to much water or idk?

    niqua mniqua mHace un mes
  • Looks like Mike inhaled some bug remover before he got started.

    Jared DraceJared DraceHace un mes
  • Cool video

    elijah belijah bHace un mes
  • With the engine detailing all you're doing is cleaning all the plastics, you ain't even touching the actual engine ever which I guess would be ok, if it was me I'd strip all the plastics off the engine and detail them separately and work on the actual engine itself so as to find any leaks and notify the customer but also I'm a mechanic and care about stuff like that which is why when I detail vehicles I detail every square inch just to notice stuff like that and inform them. But you do make amazing videos and it shows bud. Keep up the detailed work and amazing content videos because you rock and have helped me become a better mechanic than ever lol.

    silent knightsilent knightHace un mes
  • I stay in Mumbai so how I will get this stuff?

    Neetr MayekarNeetr MayekarHace un mes

    player gamer MTplayer gamer MTHace un mes
  • Great video👍

    keirra Legginskeirra LegginsHace un mes
  • They should at least picked up the trash. It seems so rude to leave it in there.

    SookieleinSookieleinHace un mes
  • I Love your channel! I watch it when I'm bored at work or home. Your my oddly satisfying thing to watch anytime... I'd lay there and let you wash me the way you do them cars lmao lbvs..... I love a man that can clean i know you would clean the hell out of a house!!!

    Santeena LeeSanteena LeeHace un mes
  • Was juuuuuust about to google the purpose of carpeted wheel wells when you said road noises 😂😅

    J3ssi143J3ssi143Hace un mes
  • ❤️💜👌°°° 🔞🅿️🆁🅸🆅🅰️🆃🅴🅽🆄🅳🅴🔞°° 👌 . 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, . 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成%員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。! 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙 (如山核桃 !

    Cindy StarCindy StarHace un mes
  • What item was used for the mats and where can i find it?

    Junior TausaJunior TausaHace un mes
  • How to people let their car get this dirty?

    Kayzatlas13Kayzatlas13Hace un mes
  • I've never seen him clean the engine before. Is that not a service regularly performed?

    serenakarin787serenakarin787Hace un mes
  • I really don't get why people leave so much trash in their cars. Do you throw empty coffee cups and soda cans all over your living room? I just don't get it.

    karga makeskarga makesHace un mes
  • How much does a detail like this cost??

    wfotineaswfotineasHace un mes
  • 13:40.... And why I live in Florida. 🌴 🌞 🌴 I don't miss snow...

    Anita J in FLAAnita J in FLAHace un mes
  • Im surprised they let the interior get so nasty.... Nice job!

    Anita J in FLAAnita J in FLAHace un mes
  • I have a question- We bought a car that the previous owners must have played in the mud then safety first with seatbelt use - Interior color is tan and our seatbelts are nasty- what is the best way to get them cleaned? Should we buy and use a steamer? I looked into replacements and the cost is crazy so we are looking for suggestions . Thank you

    Shilo KominarekShilo KominarekHace un mes
  • I have car where the batteries are not under the hood. Do I still need to disconnect it?

    Clinton HunterClinton HunterHace un mes
  • Why did you clean under the hood? I didn’t know you could that.

    shaylablueangelshaylablueangelHace un mes
  • Wow😍😍😍Amazing 👏

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  • does anyone know a good 'detail geek' in Miami?

    Sylvio Souza JrSylvio Souza JrHace un mes
  • Was feeling anxious today, and this was the perfect soothing video to watch. Love that we got the engine bay cleaning plus the exterior waxing. Less stressful than the disaster details that I usually enjoy.

    Joanna ClarkJoanna ClarkHace un mes
  • Me: Thinking he missed a few spots and realizing my computer screen is filthy. :')

    OcindorOcindorHace un mes
  • Thank you for explaining why people opt for carpeted wheel wells in vehicles! I've never understood the benefits behind it.

    ChantalChantalHace un mes
  • Man is there a vehicle you won't touch?!? Lol love it bud.

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  • Why don't people clean out their trash? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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  • I watch the detail geek to go to sleep... like the pressure washing is so satisfying Edit: I made it 7 minutes in... goodnight

    Mae TaylorMae TaylorHace un mes

    Lovely DaeLovely DaeHace un mes
  • Question, did you cover the alternator? And is it really safe to wet the engine bay? Thanks, love you videos! 🤙🏾

    Edward MoradoEdward MoradoHace un mes
  • Don't give up keep doing it😊😇😎❤👍👍

    OS GameOS GameHace un mes
  • You are hardworking I love it nice😊😎❤❤👍👍👍

    OS GameOS GameHace un mes
  • Does Mike actually help with anything? or is it just a meme?

    Raymond ReddingtonRaymond ReddingtonHace un mes
  • How the fuck do people throw trash in their car and NEVER pick it up?

    Raymond ReddingtonRaymond ReddingtonHace un mes
  • His videos are so soothing, I wish he’d do a long sleeve shirt for his merch instead of hoodies. I live in Missouri so it’s usually warm but has windchill

    Chloe PlunkettChloe PlunkettHace un mes
  • Any reason that you use the leaf blower to dry under the hood and not to dry the car's exterior off? I've been blowing the exterior with my electric blower to prevent water spotting.

    Keith CooperKeith CooperHace un mes
  • Hai bro

    Muhammad FachriMuhammad FachriHace un mes
  • Could we get a house tour please?

    Marte-Lize BotesMarte-Lize BotesHace un mes
  • Sometimes I feel guilty watching his videos because of how much time and effort he puts into them...but then I realize by watching his videos I am supporting him and his channel growth lol. It is a constant back and forth for me

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  • Whats with the Chrysler Town & Country you have detailed? Thats a Chrysler too XD

    Wicki MarcoWicki MarcoHace un mes
  • I'm from Indiana originally and I can tell you that yes, once a week is the absolute best thing you could ever do. I had an 01 ranger that I took the bed off to change a fuel pump and even working in detailing, regular cleaning, I had a pile of rust under the bed. I did clean it up and fixed and dressed the rust since I had the opportunity, but my vehicle otherwise was perfect. I can tell this guy is a great detailer. The small things I see him do is great. Keep up the great work from a fellow detailer!!

    Albert SampsonAlbert SampsonHace un mes
  • Is good as he is I think he could make a rusty out car look brand new.

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  • Mike is alter ego

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  • In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

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    ًًHace un mes
  • You need to start traveling! I need a good detail like you do but I'm a long e at from Canada! You've ruined everyone I've used, lol. I see all the things they miss now! 🤷‍♀️

    Lindsay LoulouLindsay LoulouHace un mes
  • I'm the type of person who is too lazy to wash a car or motorcycle but since I watched the videos of the detail geek, I've been satisfied and now I wash our car every week hahaha! I always watch all of your videos and I have no regrets that I subscribed to this channel. Love from Philippines! ❤️

    Johnmark YrenJohnmark YrenHace un mes
  • I'm always kind of jealous that he can reach the whole car. I am too short to reach the top of my vehicle and middle of the windshield without my step stool.

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    Brandy NuttBrandy NuttHace un mes
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  • How much more power do you get out of that central vac system vs. an everyday shop vac? It looks like your vacuum picks up everything in one pass and it's hard to believe that can be done without pre-brushing or something else to loosen the dirt. I am assuming it must be incredibly strong ?

    Greg Alan EdwardsGreg Alan EdwardsHace un mes
  • Hahah carpet wheel liners wow 😳 So what the dealerships mining paved roads on a service now haha 😂 who ever been designing cars lately needs to quit. Bring back simplicity it’s just ridiculous b.s at this point.

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  • Who else is addicted to the engine bay details? Idk why but it brings me such satisfaction!

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  • Honestly, always satisfying to watch one of your videos, but damn I seriously can't help but wonder like don't people drive through a car wash regularly? I never had my car detailed but I drive it through the car wash atleast once a month and then I get the interior cleaned as well. It's superficial but they vacuum the inside, clean the floor mats and clean the interior hardware like the dashboard. I wouldn't even dare giving a detailer my car this dirty🤣.

    Rowan ThomasRowan ThomasHace un mes
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    Katie RodriguezKatie RodriguezHace un mes
  • Im willing to go all the way to canada to get my non-existant car cleaned by this man

    Space CadetSpace CadetHace un mes
  • The steamer doesn’t hurt the leather or vinyl ?

    JB The BossJB The BossHace un mes
  • Which tip do you use on the pressure washer? 25 degrees? 40?

    Uncle EazyUncle EazyHace un mes
  • South mccoll rd que Sosa viable decidió Más se hable argentino

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  • how do you clean around the new filler caps ... the ones without a gas cap?... looks like it would be easy to get water in the tank.

    seth rosenbergseth rosenbergHace un mes
    • Those actually have two flaps on at the top you can see and one further into the tank that only the gas nozzle can open up. As long as you don’t blast water directly at it, you’ll be just fine 👍🏻

      The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace un mes
  • Is it worth your while if you take the wheels off? you get more access to the wheel-wells as with the inside of the wheel

    Walker MWalker MHace un mes
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