Super Cleaning The NASTIEST Ford Escape! | Disaster Car Detailing and EPIC Vehicle Transformation

17 jul 2020
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This Ford Escape was one of the NASTIEST vehicles I've ever seen! The transformation it made is EPIC! One of the best ever for sure!
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  • I need to put a cowbell on Mike 🤣 sneaky little bugger... Absolutely thrilled with how the Escape turned out! It looked even better in person!!

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    • I think we all want to know whats Mikes instagram @ 👀

      Erica MastersErica MastersHace 3 meses
    • What’s state do you live so I could know if you can clean my car one day

      TheGodchampTheGodchampHace 3 meses
    • mike looks a little like you. is he your twin brother? or have you just used software to edit yourself in to the frame again?

      Retro BoyRetro BoyHace 4 meses
    • @Wetzel Baby it is his twin brother

      Joe AlvarezJoe AlvarezHace 4 meses
    • ionCandy same! I’m like is he editing himself in with different clothes on or what?

      Kiana FredeKiana FredeHace 4 meses
  • I was told not to wash or clean the area of the gas tank because it can put water in how do you clean it

    MoneyMan XayyMoneyMan XayyHace 23 horas
  • Where’s the video of his own car

    Emma LeeEmma LeeHace 2 días
  • 12:19 and 12:32 😂😂

    Tomislav PreksavecTomislav PreksavecHace 2 días
  • Absolutely amazing love. God Bless

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  • I thought the floor mats were tan, I was SHOOK when he cleaned them and they were black.

    Taylor BunnTaylor BunnHace 18 días
  • Brilliant work on what was a toxic mess of a vehicle. Fantastic videos and most of all the total attention to detail in your work.

    ritchie799ritchie799Hace 19 días
  • Road trip to Canada when they open the borders back up!!

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  • Been watching these nonstop for three days straight.. not sure why

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  • Did you fix the seat? I need to know

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  • Wait why does the vehicle look clean when he dies the first shot form the inside

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  • You use a white and yellow drill brush. On your website, you also have green. I’ve also seen blue and red brushes on eBay. Is there any difference to each colour apart from the actual colour?

    Chris MorrisChris MorrisHace un mes
  • I need a man like you

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  • 12:30 ahah

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  • I would have loved to see their reaction to that passenger seat, amazing work per usual!!👏🏻

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  • Can we see you without the cap sometime??

    Lynn AcepolLynn AcepolHace un mes
  • I have a Ford Escape which isn't in this bad of shape, but it still needs some paint polishing and a new driver's seat.

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  • Every car has one thing in common.. McDonalds

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  • Is Mike your partner?

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  • Quick question, how do you typically clean the seat belts? I'm not sure I've seen that in your videos. Have you ever had mold spots on them? If so, what do you use to address it?

    Sierra ODonohueSierra ODonohueHace un mes
  • Have you ever accidentally taken a load of paint or clear coat off with the pressure washer?

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  • Love your videos!!!!! 😁💖💚

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  • Washington DC

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  • I've noticed alot of your method on seat and carpet extraction success I think is partly in fast you spray an entire area then drill brush it all over in multiple directions...I think this method is actually helping keeping color even across the entire area even if you can't get some of it perfect it looks damn near perfect because the stains where distributed evenly but it's still clean it's definitely interesting approach....most people spot clean and it essentially creates lighter spots.

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  • I think we all want to know whats Mikes instagram @ 👀

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  • I luv seeing on your videos the seats and rugs getting cleaned

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  • How do you keep the hose on you Bissel from cracking? I just ordered one and that seems to be one of the few complaints I see.

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  • So you need consent for the owners reactions but do you need consent to film cleaning their vehicles? I know you remove the plates but some of the vehicles have distinctive markings or stickers on them. Just curious, think it's the only question I haven't heard you answer!

    Shay C.Shay C.Hace 4 meses
  • He does such amazing work! The video's should be on the oddly satisfying channel. I used to clean rentals & loved the dirty homes just for the before & after appearance. His voice is so calm. I bet he is a really kind & friendly guy. Keep sharing your video's.

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