Super Cleaning The NASTIEST Ford Escape! | Disaster Car Detailing and EPIC Vehicle Transformation
This Ford Escape was one of the NASTIEST vehicles I've ever seen! The transformation it made is EPIC! One of the best ever for sure!
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Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5” Backing Plate -
Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” pads -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Leather Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Black Nitrile Gloves -
Grit Guards -
Dust Mask -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Adams Ceramic Spray -
Carpet Solution -
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CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek

    I need to put a cowbell on Mike 🤣 sneaky little bugger... Absolutely thrilled with how the Escape turned out! It looked even better in person!!

    • Retro Boy
      Retro Boy

      mike looks a little like you. is he your twin brother? or have you just used software to edit yourself in to the frame again?

    • Joe Alvarez
      Joe Alvarez

      @Wetzel Baby it is his twin brother

    • Kiana Frede
      Kiana Frede

      ionCandy same! I’m like is he editing himself in with different clothes on or what?

    • London King
      London King

      Mike is my kinda guy! 😂 goofy! With a twist🤗

    • Nightmare


  • Someone Uninteresting
    Someone Uninteresting

    12:27 and 12:17 and 25:55 mike randomly puts out his head to make a funny face

  • # Gaming
    # Gaming

    Am I the only one who saw him miss some points

  • Peachmatt

    that lady probably got the car this dirty and she was just embarrassed and said it came like that lmao! Because there's no way I'd drive around a car that someone else got that dirty for so long

  • Happy Bunny
    Happy Bunny

    Sir there is a car in your garbage

  • Eliko Sim
    Eliko Sim

    Just sayin if you rewind this video backwards its about a man who makes a perfectly clean car dirty as hell

  • Abigail Pena
    Abigail Pena

    just watching this to feel better about my own stained 2008 ford escape

  • Christopher S
    Christopher S

    *did you charge the owner $4000?*

  • nicole givens
    nicole givens

    the satisfaction i get from watching you clean vehicles is just great! the transformation are unbelievable! you do great work!!

  • paw_oh_la

    🤣🤣🤣 for the longest time I thought mike was a real person like maybe your roommate or brother. I’ve been fooled! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Geo_yo_boi 10
    Geo_yo_boi 10

    Something about the interior just looking brand new satisfies me

  • Natalie Fraser
    Natalie Fraser

    The floor mats and Michael Jackson have something in common *they both changed to a whole different color*

  • Farisa Smith
    Farisa Smith

    How do you keep the hose on you Bissel from cracking? I just ordered one and that seems to be one of the few complaints I see.

  • Shay Contorno
    Shay Contorno

    So you need consent for the owners reactions but do you need consent to film cleaning their vehicles? I know you remove the plates but some of the vehicles have distinctive markings or stickers on them. Just curious, think it's the only question I haven't heard you answer!

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    He does such amazing work! The video's should be on the oddly satisfying channel. I used to clean rentals & loved the dirty homes just for the before & after appearance. His voice is so calm. I bet he is a really kind & friendly guy. Keep sharing your video's.

  • chelsi Ripley
    chelsi Ripley

    We all know he a potato lol but is he a brother or a friend

  • v65sabreking

    Every video is so satisfying.. thank you for doing what you do

  • Zaire Page
    Zaire Page

    I bet he's super rich!! Two ESwindow channels over A MILLION subscribers! Very successful detailing business. Like MILLIONAIRES have several forms of income!! Why are you so humble? Let me see your house LMAO Where do you vacation?!!! 💯❤❤❤ Keep up the great work!

  • James Fox
    James Fox

    What is the name of the song that plays while you clean the console?

  • Elizabeth Archer
    Elizabeth Archer

    Says he'll answer some questions throughout the video. Answers questions in incredibly vague ways. I still don't feel like anything was answered!! 🤣🤣

  • fun fun time
    fun fun time


  • D K
    D K

    Most people are no doubt embarrassed and don't want the world to know how filthy their cars are...

  • D K
    D K

    Should be charging more for giving them a new car when you're finished

  • Christian Everley
    Christian Everley

    Bissell should sponsor him,he got me to buy one 😂

  • Ray Miller
    Ray Miller

    Swear I saw a weed roach in the back seat 😂

  • Jade Abogadie
    Jade Abogadie

    Im suffering depression watching your videos it makes me calm down and it makes me relax my feelings it help me alot tnx

  • TJ K
    TJ K

    What shoes are you wearing?

  • Jason Rahimzadeh
    Jason Rahimzadeh

    These 12 hour cleanings only make sense when you get 2M views on ESwindow. Otherwise, you'd have to charge $500+ per car.

  • Jewel Miller Gonce
    Jewel Miller Gonce

    Mike is your twin brother. That is why he comes out in shades. You guys are identical

  • jone26ww

    Why did you switch wash soap brands?

  • theo street
    theo street

    This guy makes detailing a car looks like an true artist masterpiece..🎯👌❤️ Awesome job🚘, I'm subscribed keep up the awesome work brother look forward to more great videos. 😎💪 Blessings

  • busletic

    0:09 Is that a fake nail? Me: Gross! DG: You stole my line!

  • Macie Fisher
    Macie Fisher

    I would be embarrassed for someone to see my car if it was like that. It obviously wasn't taken care of. Don't understand why people neglect their vehicles.

  • 김성태

    Kim Cheol-Min 🇹🇭, 🇺🇸, 🇨🇳

  • Jerbsinator

    Edmonton Oilers stickers? Burn the car there's no saving it now.

    • Alex Borgert
      Alex Borgert


  • Shawn Calhoun
    Shawn Calhoun

    What’s the craziest thing you have ever found in a vehicle/ ever found anything illegal?

  • babayaga boneleg
    babayaga boneleg

    dear universe, send me a car and I will never shit it like that

  • Susan B
    Susan B

    So youve explained what Mike actually does. BUT what is Mike SUPPOSED to be doin?????

  • Anevay Garcia
    Anevay Garcia

    These videos help me deal with my anxiety. They are just to satisfying that it helps me calm down. Thank you for the amazing content!

  • Boyd Merriman
    Boyd Merriman

    I notice you have an ozone machine in your list and I think you mentioned it one time. But I never see you use it, even for some really bad cars. Do you use it often and do you have any videos on it?

  • Britt F
    Britt F

    Omg for anyone with sexy guys in socks fetish 17:45 ADD MORE SOCK TIME! haha so hypnotizing watching you clean!

  • Zaria World
    Zaria World

    why do you use the pressure washer and not the vacuum thing

  • conspiracy theory lover101
    conspiracy theory lover101

    what are people doing in there cars lol iv got 3 kids and its not been detailed for a long time its no were like this my other half would through a fit if stuff were all over it like that lol

  • Chris Wells
    Chris Wells

    Always seems when you see McDonald's stuff it's a very dirty vehicle. Maybe there is a correlation between fast food eaters and dirty vehicles

  • Ruwap

    Maybe Mike is his husband

  • Alicia DeMoss
    Alicia DeMoss

    WOW! You did an amazing job!! That was a nasty looking vehicle inside. You can detail mine for sure.

  • Q1969 *
    Q1969 *

    I just stumbled on your channel, EXCELLENT WORK!! One question I have not heard you address, do you ever have stains that "come back"? I'm enjoying getting caught up on all your videos! Take care!

  • Sassy Virgo
    Sassy Virgo


  • Recaluber

    It would be really cool to add a light submerged in the ground below the cars so that we can see the underside better during the power wash

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    What about the engine room buddy ,u clean that part too , i didn't see that any of your videos

  • RocsMacho1

    I'd like to know why the floor mats aren't hit with the pressure washer first....

  • •lovely bum•
    •lovely bum•

    Whoever gave this vid a thumbs down sucksssssss hope you see this!!!

  • rec

    My guess is at this point your primary business is content production. Making a few grand a day on youtube ads. The tools you should be linking to are your camera, microphone, video editing software, etc. Washing cars is a side gig here lol.

  • Paola Mota
    Paola Mota

    Does everyone in the US eats inside the car? It's so weird to me! I think it is so uncomfortable and inconvenient. Yeah sometimes it is needed. But almost everytime my family and I go in the drive thru we take the food home and eat it sitting at the table. We even use plates some times (for stuff like fries and souce). And a big no-no is drinks in the car, unless it's bottle of water. And my friends think the same!

  • John D. Dodson
    John D. Dodson

    A little sanding and touch up paint on those rear wheel wells and it would look new.

  • Irela Martinez
    Irela Martinez

    Let me buy that car sike jkjkkkjk

  • Irela Martinez
    Irela Martinez

    Any car looks really good when people clean it up

  • j melissa
    j melissa

    Can somebody cash app me please

  • Frankie P
    Frankie P

    You have the most soothing voice. I don't know if you're videos are meant to induce sleepiness, but, boy.... When I can't sleep, you send me to lala land fairly easily. 🤣

  • Наталия Белоусова
    Наталия Белоусова

    Ужас . Люди свиньи . Хорошая работа

  • apollomiki

    Do you do the seat belts as well

  • Whale’s Willy
    Whale’s Willy

    Looks like a crime scene

  • Lena Hedger
    Lena Hedger

    That really did come out great.

  • Nadia Delphi
    Nadia Delphi

    It’s almost embarrassing just how much enjoyment I get out of these videos 😂 my ocd starts it’s own round of applause 👏

  • Crystal Somekat
    Crystal Somekat

    Now THAT'S a detail 😯

  • Dominique B.
    Dominique B.

    Unproblematic youtube channels are my favorite

  • Dominique B.
    Dominique B.

    The little video bombs 😂

  • Zoee Satterfield
    Zoee Satterfield

    really enjoy your videos, you’re amazing ~ :)

  • Marc Amengual
    Marc Amengual

    I'm the only one who saw the damn joint at 0:14? Hahaha

  • Paula Morris
    Paula Morris

    Mike is not real.

  • Butacup Pucatub
    Butacup Pucatub

    Those Mike sightings were hilarious! I'm so glad you were able to get the dirt out of this car. I often wonder what helps people sell a car in a horrible state. Just passing on problems without some inkling of guilt. At least charge less for the car so the money saved can go onto great people like you who will work hard to lift the dirt and stains.

  • Cindy Witter-H
    Cindy Witter-H

    Cars are so expensive why would you not keep them up and do this to your car!

  • London King
    London King

    These videos are so satisfying. My OCD don't act up watching. Tho no one is perfect you do a perfect job everytime. #masterclass #soclean

  • Nicolas Lapierre
    Nicolas Lapierre

    On removing the center console, Honda Odyssey owners: "What center console?"

  • Angela Wesel
    Angela Wesel

    The detail !! Oh a lost art !! It used to be cool if your car shined. 😎 now if you could get others to get on the stick noone would get sick !! Bacteria breads. Great job kid 😇

  • Nicki Murph
    Nicki Murph

    The amount of time and effort you put into each vehicle is amazing. Love it!!

    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek

      Thank you!

  • Um Hi ?
    Um Hi ?

    I live in the States but I would not hesitate to drive up to Regina just to get my car done by Mitch. And to see Mike. 😉

  • Buck loves the World
    Buck loves the World

    I misread it as Fjord so I clicked on it and I'm not disappointed with this accident

  • Faye Browder
    Faye Browder

    You're buddy stuck his head out of you're house when you were willing down the drivers door .when he see what you're doing he went back in fast.?????????

  • Krystal Ramirez
    Krystal Ramirez

    its like watching Dr. Pimple Popper, its a weird satisfying, and relaxing feeling watching him detail vehicles.... plus he's definitely eye candy!!

  • happy as larry
    happy as larry

    Very relaxing to watch. New sub here 👋👋🙋‍♀️

  • john

    Did not know the carpets were supposed to be black when i first saw them

  • Beatrice Zepeda
    Beatrice Zepeda


  • Mila Rosa Porto
    Mila Rosa Porto

    I’m scared there are some nasty people ou there.

  • BRCDE V1
    BRCDE V1

    Total $3,500 oof

  • Corinacc

    Hiii Mike👋 We see 👀 you !

  • Yolanda Macias
    Yolanda Macias

    Mike needs to start helping you! 😂

  • Robin Wallace
    Robin Wallace

    You are my nightly watch before bed! I don’t know why it is so soothing.🤣 I know how hard a job you do and you are worth every penny! Keep it clean!😉

  • Yesenia Lara
    Yesenia Lara

    Exelente trabajo ,mis respetos.

  • Silent Sniper
    Silent Sniper

    It’s the floor for me

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    Priscila Silva

    Perfeição de limpamento 😂😂

  • Boating with Cody
    Boating with Cody

    Those floor Mats changed into a completely different color!

  • dildomonster

    12:17 is that mike?

  • Rhiannon Thomas-Giles-Allen
    Rhiannon Thomas-Giles-Allen

    😋 to the guy in the back 😂

  • Brooke Unfortunately
    Brooke Unfortunately

    @12:17 Mike says hi

  • Moura Moura
    Moura Moura

    Aff...que carros imundos , eu fico imaginando como será a casa desse dono do carro 😟🤔

  • Caro Driesen
    Caro Driesen

    I'm so sorry but all that mcdo on the floor is so american, I would never give my children under the age of 12 mcdo or even let them eat in the car and a lot of people I know feel the same way

  • Karen Kertley
    Karen Kertley

    I have never had a car not dirty. That is just nasty 🤮

  • cbolar

    person: come and get in my car! there friend: 👁👄👁

  • Nilay Polad
    Nilay Polad