Deep Cleaning a SUPER HAIRY Dog Kennel on Wheels! | Insane Pet Hair Removal and Transformation!
This Chevy Cruze had turned into a dog kennel on wheels and even had moldy food in it, so in this video I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean and transform it!
#carcleaning #cardetailing #pethairremoval
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5” Backing Plate -
Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” pads -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Leather Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Black Nitrile Gloves -
Grit Guards -
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303 Aerospace Protectant -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Lilly Brush -
Undercarriage Washer -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek

    Now that was a furball!! 🐶 Who thinks that was hairier than the Dart or Ram?? Major props if anyone knows what song I was playing the guitar outro! 🤔

    • immrose

      Just did that last night 😂😂

    • jeff4 hardney
      jeff4 hardney

      You used the ddk song


      57 Nithin Murali it remains a mystery lol

    • Jennifer Marie Walker
      Jennifer Marie Walker

      God dawg help that car

    • Adrian Robert
      Adrian Robert

      You’re not the only one

  • Someone Uninteresting
    Someone Uninteresting

    That's a lot of furry pubes...

  • Yakiro Jack
    Yakiro Jack

    I got the feeling that the house is probably in the same conditions.

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa


  • Maricela Noriega
    Maricela Noriega

    18:47 i feel like I’m about to sneeze

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi

    Viewers: "Wow, such a great cinematic of the car's result!" His neighbors looking out their windows and sees him just moving a camera: "The hell is that guy doing?...

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi

    They must take that dog every damn where

  • Laura Callahan
    Laura Callahan

    LOVE the music on this video. I'm just about asleep. This is awesome.

  • Dalton

    I love these videos and I can't even explain why. Is it the great music? is it the cool Mike guy? idk. I've seen like 15 of them now LOL

  • Danielle Vauclin
    Danielle Vauclin

    His tools are so nice! I use toothbrushes and dollar store paint brushes.

  • Ang McStuff
    Ang McStuff

    How do you determine whether to take the seats out or not, for cleaning?

  • Varicy Johnson
    Varicy Johnson

    What kind of camera do you use?

  • Devin Ians
    Devin Ians

    Wow! You make it look like it was just driven off the DMV, great work!

  • Brendan Toohey
    Brendan Toohey

    customer comes to pick up the car ... *turns up the canadian* ehhh, oh yaaa, gotcha bud 😂

  • Monique Petersen
    Monique Petersen

    You re doing a great job, so meticulous and accurate as a German:) I m just curious how much do u charge for a full cleaning, I wouldn t do it for less than 500€:))

  • Gladys Rosario
    Gladys Rosario

    I felt bad watching him take that L on those carpets.

  • LO

    This is outrageously filthy. Gross. I wonder what their house looks like!!

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith

    This is the kid you want to clean up after a murder. The polic ewould find nothing.

  • Hugo Chariere
    Hugo Chariere

    Super j'adore tait vidéo moi j'ai une grosse voiture inposible a nettoyé tu pourrais le faire même si elle et pas si sale que tu pense c'est un Dacia Logan mcv essence de 2020 de 2 mois mais avec 1 chien et deux enfants elle et très sale même si elle a pas beaucoup de kilomètres elle en n'a 1600 bonc pas assez de tout façon je vais essayer de le faire toi tu seul

  • nosirrahm

    Now my dog is wondering why she doesn’t have her own vehicle too.

  • Eric Swanson
    Eric Swanson

    I ain't from Canada, but I am from the buffalo area. Love the moldy timbit. Among my favorite of moldy snack foods

  • Ivy Mara
    Ivy Mara

    Imagine it: The blessed worker: hey, I've noticed u have a dog... What's its name? Owner: a dog? Which dog? 🤮😂

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    Logan Jalabert

    Y pensar que en este coche a parte de los animales suben personas!!!

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    Chloe Henry

    “Oh wow” “that’s awesome” that’s all he freaking said?

  • anuj tandukar
    anuj tandukar

    Who keeps their car like that

  • Brace face Angie
    Brace face Angie

    when he was getting the coins from the car it seemed like a treasure hunt for him XD

  • Grace Alexandrea
    Grace Alexandrea

    Do you listen to music while cleaning cars?

  • nicksg9

    This can only be possible in America

  • Bri Aronson
    Bri Aronson

    Pet hair is DISGUSTING

  • Shayna Brown
    Shayna Brown

    Normal person: binge watches Netflix me: binge watches car detailing 🥴😂😂🤣

  • David King
    David King

    I know it probably will reduce the future work you get, but suggest to the owner that there are heavy duty seat covers they can get for the back seat...

  • Jodgers

    Jeez, I’m 14 and I would treat cars better than some of these people

  • Beth McCann
    Beth McCann

    I love how you said dog kisses instead of dog drool or saliva

  • SilverFlame819

    I had to watch this one just to see how much shit you'd talk about me if you were doing my car (dog owner). Haha!

  • Gaming With Aiden
    Gaming With Aiden

    Me: wonders how long it was sense the car has been washed

  • WaterMilk


  • Louanna Ford
    Louanna Ford

    Where can i get that hair removal tool he is using?

    • Dot Cassilles
      Dot Cassilles

      Look up the top in the description, he puts links up there. I believe its called a Lilly brush

  • Stelio Kontos
    Stelio Kontos

    That car is going to get right back filthy

  • Ghost

    "what a slob" I say, as I lay on my bed in a disaster room that needs deepcleaning

  • zwmqs

    For us rock and country guys and gals can we get at least one video with a rock or country song in the background?

  • Christina

    Damn just looking at the car made me start sneezing!

    • Dot Cassilles
      Dot Cassilles

      It made me itchy

  • Massey 4business
    Massey 4business

    Car's only 2 years old!!! WTF?! Dude! 🤢🤮🤕

  • D S
    D S

    Is that a military ribbon that gets flipped over at 18:12? It almost looks like a CAR but the colors aren't quite right.

  • Kang So -Young
    Kang So -Young

    2018 and already this dirty ......

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    Why is it he sometimes pulls the seats and other times not?

  • Hdhdj Zhhhdhd
    Hdhdj Zhhhdhd

    What is the most interesting thing you have ever found in a vehicle? What is the most valuable item you have ever found??

  • dyscea

    Thank GOD those ramen noodles weren’t maggots 😖

  • Abigail Chambers
    Abigail Chambers

    I'm still satisfied 😌

  • Nate

    Love the videos but the music is boring & repetitive

  • Abdulbari Gashout
    Abdulbari Gashout

    i can't even imagine the house of the car owner 🤢🤮🤮

  • j lirie
    j lirie

    these videos are like hoarders for cars

  • Cathy Proctor
    Cathy Proctor

    The interior of my car is black. It’s a Buick Encore. I clean the inside every weekend. On the rare occasion I have someone in my car, they comment on the cleanliness. Makes me feel good. Plus, I’m single and no grandkids, or kids. My house stays clean as well.

    • Cathy Proctor
      Cathy Proctor

      I had an aunt that said a clean house is a calm house. So I guess I took after her.

  • Nick Jefferson
    Nick Jefferson

    Those are the customers I refer to my "cheap" competitor.

  • 김성태

    Park Min Ha 🇺🇸, 🇪🇺

  • Britt F
    Britt F

    You can just tell he's the type of guy that doesn't know just how hot he is. Quiet and nice type. I like it.

  • Britt F
    Britt F

    Yasssss!! I live for the hidden sexy sock shots for us guys in socks fetish freaks lmao also just added that Lilly brush to my cart!

  • janet macklin
    janet macklin

    Man oh man you're good, I don't think I would have touched that car because dog hair freaks me out when it's on furniture or car seats

  • Solar Exesisity
    Solar Exesisity

    How do you let the floor mats dry

  • Aliyzah K
    Aliyzah K

    This guy is ballin he gets money from the client and ESwindow and he has 1mill+ views and subs

  • DashCamEyes

    This is why I love sliver car. They look new after a wash.

  • Jen

    I just came upon you channel and I love it. Somehow I watch your videos nightly. You detail cars and I wash aircrafts,...yeah same thing LOL. Keep the videos coming.


    Isso aí é um carro ou um depósito de lixo ? Só faltou você encontrar RATOS e BARATAS aí dentro, Muito nojento esse carro! 🤮🤮😳😳😆

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones

    Are cars this dirty normal clientele for a car detailer? Judging by the videos you have and the way you talk about it this looks run of the mill dirty which is something beyond me.

  • Anna._.roblox Girl
    Anna._.roblox Girl

    His vidoes make me go to sleep

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    Kita Paints

    Nothing like a delicious moldy donut for breakfast

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    Ashlee Chamberlain

    Makes me sad knowing a kid sits back there with all that nastiness 😒

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    Nicolas Urquhart

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  • OfficialTrapperKvng

    I can give you a handle for your brush on 10:14 just email me

  • Macie Fisher
    Macie Fisher

    2018. Sad. Some people shouldn't have new cars. They can't even clean it out. The probably don't do maintenance on it either.

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    London King

    Two oh wow Three awesome One perfect! Says it all Another one

  • Frosty Maty
    Frosty Maty

    10/10 Cleaning.

  • Macarooni Salad
    Macarooni Salad

    I thought he missed a bit but it was a speck on my screen. OBVIOUSLY he didn't miss a bit.

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    Donald Parlett jr

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    c l o u d s

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    Seng Limbs

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    Rolande Strandquist

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  • Rolande Strandquist
    Rolande Strandquist

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  • Rolande Strandquist
    Rolande Strandquist

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  • Rolande Strandquist
    Rolande Strandquist

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  • Alec Seil
    Alec Seil

    What sprayer do you use to spray on the carpet solution on the floor mats?

  • Ron Wood
    Ron Wood

    Very great work. Where are you located

  • SoundMan1985

    That car is scary but am I the only one that noticed the metal coming from the tires?

    • candiecdd

      I believe they are studs. Quite common in Canada on winter tires where there’s a lot of snow

  • Vnix

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    Van Khoa Nguyen

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    SherryAnn Mayers

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    Sylvie Carpentier

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  • أزهر الدوسكي
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    Emir Bueno

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  • MamaBear2016

    I would be so embarrassed if my car was this bad and took it to someone, at least get your trash out and do some spot cleaning before hand. I have 2 small kids one of which is an infant, a 4 year old and a 15 year old and I will get the occasional French fry drop in the back or a drink spill but man I don’t let them sit to get moldy! But I can say I always have straw wrappers in my driver door but that’s as bad as it gets lol

  • marga ret
    marga ret

    idk why but he reminds me so much of matthew sorgie

  • Hannah Joytotheworld
    Hannah Joytotheworld

    PLEASE detail my car. it’s not that dirty but please lmao

  • Danny Filgueiras
    Danny Filgueiras

    You know how dirty you got to be to get mold on French fries!!!! Those things survive for ages

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    antone yenn

    Time to go clean my 2019 Nissan Altima Midnight edition!!!

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    Rebeca Rodriguez

    Is the vacuum you use in the description? I couldn’t see it. If not, where can I get your vacuum?

  • Patti Carey
    Patti Carey

    The owner needs to buy one of those seat protectors for the back seat for the dog. I use one for my car and it works great!!!

  • the_fallen

    This person need one of those dog cover things for your backseat would reduce the amount of hair on the seat by like 90 percent