Deep Cleaning The NASTIEST Vehicle I've Ever Seen! | Insane 20 Hour Detailing Transformation
This van was the DIRTIEST and NASTIEST vehicle I've ever detailed! The transformation it made was epic and the owner reaction is unreal!
#disasterdetail #carcleaning #cardetailing
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Microfiber Towels -
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6” Dual Action Polisher -
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Tire Brush -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Lilly Brush -
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  • Alison Ely
    Alison Ely

    "4 kids." sounds like a rehearsed excuse for lots of things... no excuse for that nasty van...

  • Jason Gardner
    Jason Gardner

    It's been rumored that this van is where covid-19 was produced

  • Frank Pimentel
    Frank Pimentel

    I have commented before and watched this before but I will comment again here's what I was going to say ahem "I feel bad for your garage

  • Josie Meeks
    Josie Meeks

    How do people live like this.

  • Nurah Kaplan
    Nurah Kaplan

    Your a hard worker ill give you that and you do your job very well bet people that watch your vids try to pay more attention to detail now.

  • Talor Sheffield
    Talor Sheffield

    When you showed Rey inside of the car I saw a cocroche

  • taters

    having 4 kids should be an even bigger reason to keep the car clean

  • Angelkitty234 luv
    Angelkitty234 luv

    I'm surprised this car didn't have roaches

  • AUBRI 101
    AUBRI 101

    What really is the point of getting a car that nice when you know u have 4 icky kids

  • AUBRI 101
    AUBRI 101

    Him: it took a long time to get your car looking brand new The car owner: how did it take a long there was only like 15 boxes if chicken nuggets and like 30 boxes of fries also like 1 or 2 hotdogs and a couple of puke stains

  • Norbert Ruiz
    Norbert Ruiz

    50% of comments: Kids: "Let's go get McDonald's" Mom: No we have McDonald's at home" 25% of comments: Saying This guy deserves at medal 25% of comments: About 4 kids

  • Harmony boyd
    Harmony boyd

    It’s the “4 kids” and the nervous laugh for me

  • KGPFitness

    French fries is your buddy now Mitch lols

  • Fakme

    My Asian ass can’t relate to it... Desgostaaaaaaang

  • E Rose
    E Rose

    They nasty leavin yo car like that too grown for that

  • lola williams
    lola williams

    i know how that owner felt gotta love kids mine use to get like that every friday was wash car day

  • Tomu Kurûzu
    Tomu Kurûzu

    reminds me of the Mr. Bean Episode where he goes to the restaurant and hides all the Steak Tatar everywhere

  • Mouidy Cookies
    Mouidy Cookies

    12:15 noo not the rubber ducky lmao

  • Ruth Ath
    Ruth Ath

    This is where the Corona virus started....

  • Fishing Moron
    Fishing Moron

    Stanley Steemer gets your car cleaner. Sorry I couldn’t resist.

  • Yannah YT
    Yannah YT

    *Rip the brush*

  • Sagar Coutinho
    Sagar Coutinho

    She has the nerves to ask if it was dirty with a straight face..... Utterly disgusting people. And the she blames it on her WTF!!!!!

  • Xenopuff72 B
    Xenopuff72 B

    I bet it didn't take too long before that vehicle was messy again. What a shame.

  • Frances Haynes De vine Life
    Frances Haynes De vine Life

    They should have had a better reaction than that!! Especially the wife/ mother, I would have been jumping up and down, like...OMG, Thank You Thank You...hugging you and everything!! And I would have made a pledge, if my children need to go anywhere...They can either ride their bikes, call an uber!! Or catch the BUS 🚌 They wouldn't be allowed to even look at my van!! CLOSE YOUR EYES WHEN YOU PASS MY CAR😂 For real, you did an awesome job!! I just wish their reaction was more over the top!!😍👋👍💘 be blessed!!

  • Cadence

    Why did you add some many fricking ads holy shit I got like 20

  • cbacamartinez

    how many siblings do u have?

  • Gabe A
    Gabe A

    This would be a great job, so satisfying

  • Livia Hale
    Livia Hale

    My mom: "I hear so much sound coming from your room at 2:00 am what are you doing?” Me: *watching people clean cars*

  • Callie Estra
    Callie Estra

    This is absolutely disgusting. Having kids is not an excuse to be nasty. I can’t even begin to imagine what their house looks like.

  • Weird and I like It
    Weird and I like It


  • Rajzta

    All that dirt that came out of that van is what they were breathing in, filtering through their lungs. Not good at all.

  • Johnson zheng
    Johnson zheng

    how much did you charge jeez...

  • Flashygrrl

    Can you imagine the smell? And we thought the other van was bad.

  • roblox soccer2moore
    roblox soccer2moore

    Homeless person : on the side of the road hungry Woman that own the car: hi sir welcome to McDonald's how may I help you we got half Eaton chicken nuggets and mold fries Homeless person : thanks but I am not hungry I am just doing something for Halloween Woman that owns the car: oh ok😐 Homeless person: well we aren't eating today , but hey it's better than catching something

  • Mutassim Alkaddour
    Mutassim Alkaddour

    Houmas Cassandra a car online 900

  • Mutassim Alkaddour
    Mutassim Alkaddour

    How much cost a car Gar 100 Willett Ave

  • Olga Mona
    Olga Mona

    I will be embarrassed to drop of a car like that 4 or 6 kids nasty !!!

  • Claire Roake
    Claire Roake

    Title:Mini van that made me clean supervise him

  • DaydreamingDuma

    There are times, like now, when I genuinely believe Vehicle Abuse is a thing and I end up wishing they didn’t have to be returned to their owners. “4 kids”. Yeah? I know friends with more kids than that and not once have I sat in their 7 seater vehicle and been afraid to touch anything. Most it needs is a good vacuum and dust every so often. Not anywhere near as bad as this. Amazing work DG.

  • Walter Lewis
    Walter Lewis

    I can have 20 kids and I never can be in this situation 🤮

  • Rattle Snake Jake
    Rattle Snake Jake

    I wouldn’t be surprised if an alien came out when he opened the hood

  • iisunflowerii

    "was it dirty?" Me: 🤦🤦🤦 *no* I guess not🤷

  • iisunflowerii

    This family after they eat McDonalds: mmmmmmMmM that was really I have left overs...*throws in trunk* Fun fact: I got an McDonald's ad.

  • Griselda Galindo
    Griselda Galindo

    This guy does a better job than a car wash

  • Madison’s Madness
    Madison’s Madness

    This video inspires me to be clean 😂

  • that lil dude at the bacc
    that lil dude at the bacc

    " I have 4 kids" More like 6

  • GoodGurlYanna

    but the real question is.. how many PENNIES did you find? :|

  • shashijgd Varma
    shashijgd Varma

    I dunno why but cleaning is legit satisfying 😸❤️

  • D Q Details!
    D Q Details!

    Cool video! 👍💪

  • Dawn Reynolds
    Dawn Reynolds

    Th is could be a metaphor of what we do to our planet. 🤭

  • Koichiro Kleps
    Koichiro Kleps

    In a couple months, that van’s definitely gonna end up in the witness protection program

  • Tyra

    Not the costumer trying to use her 4 kids as an excuse 1st off you were just being lazy for not cleaning it when it got dirty in the first place 2nd people with way more kids than you with cleaner cars

  • ScienceCHUS

    Having four kids is no excuse for having such a filthy van! Teach your kids some respect! I hate to even imagine how they are in other aspects of life. Totally disgusting!

  • Krista McCardle
    Krista McCardle

    these videos w cars of people with kids are the BEST form of birth control hands down

  • Churro Troll
    Churro Troll

    if the movie "Cars" really existed this car would have had the best spa day in existence! This man Is the chosen one blessing these cars with his power washer!

  • Dina B
    Dina B

    Try AWESOME from Dollar Tree for those stubborn stains. It removes everything. Just be careful on the paint. But carpets. It does the job !

  • Aron Change pfp
    Aron Change pfp

    Damn house flip lookin kinda real

  • Rachel Samaroo
    Rachel Samaroo

    I would be embarrassed to drop my car off if it looked like that but then again I don’t have kids so...

  • Mandy Salamon
    Mandy Salamon

    Men I hope it was worth of $500.00 deep cleaning detailing

  • Its a busy Life
    Its a busy Life

    I have ocddddddddd about thissss

  • Sarah Figueroa
    Sarah Figueroa

    I’m a family of 5 and my mom car is always dirty but dang not that dirty! No offense

  • Serkan ŞENEL
    Serkan ŞENEL

    I recommend this to you. :) ​@t​

  • Gabriella Sellecchia
    Gabriella Sellecchia

    Idk why but I was soooo happy when I saw the thumbnail

  • Freddie fred
    Freddie fred

    at 8:18 on the left side the poor bug was trying to run away in till he guy pulled out the water and I bet the bug die from that and went to down the drain rip bug lmao

  • Chris Johnston
    Chris Johnston

    Imagine what their house looks like.

  • Jes-lynn

    Wowwww how much did u charge the person

  • Anthony Isgro
    Anthony Isgro

    7:10 "Between you and me" 9 million+ views, 272k+ likes

  • Dima

    In the grage, he did this video in his grage.

  • Christopher S
    Christopher S

    *COVID19 virus started in this vehicle*

  • lamar ibrahim
    lamar ibrahim

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  • Cassy Ortiz
    Cassy Ortiz

    I am curious how does their kitchen and bedroom looks like😳

  • Cassy Ortiz
    Cassy Ortiz

    You are a miracle worker!!!!

  • Alena Mcnaughton
    Alena Mcnaughton

    why. just why. this makes me too happy

  • Legendary Godzilla
    Legendary Godzilla

    How does a car get this do you live with shit like this dude.....

  • Raven S
    Raven S

    Owners are Effin swines 🤢🤮

  • Jonavieve Benitez
    Jonavieve Benitez

    I wanted to see how the car’s owner house looks like ad well😅

  • Creative Gaming
    Creative Gaming

    Exactly why do you need to wash a couples dirty car that’s they’re problem they made it dirty

  • Elisha Egg
    Elisha Egg

    Bruh when he started to pressure wash the mats, I didn't know what to expect but... THE MATS WERE A COMPLETE DIFFERENT COLOR. I- how

  • MaC nD cHeEeEeEeEeEs
    MaC nD cHeEeEeEeEeEs

    Bro i feel so bad for him.. you think they would ATLEAST try to pick up some of the trash :/ like tf is wrong wit yall..

  • Laurie B.
    Laurie B.

    I want to see what their house looks like

  • Imani Price
    Imani Price

    She’ll be back next month boo .

  • Cassi Dillard
    Cassi Dillard

    Do you use magnets for loose change prior to vacuuming? Just curious.

  • Global Gabby
    Global Gabby

    Imma Christian lady and I don’t usually judge. BUT!... I know family’s with 8 kids that’s car is so much cleaner then that. Legit that car was disgusting. As a neat freak that organizes her boxes of random stuff on a daily bases this horrified the daylights out of me. I would have thought they would have found a mouse or something. Edit: I’m the middle child of 4 kids (twins are younger) now 3 that my sisters married but our car has NEVER looked half as nasty. 🤢

  • Elezebeth Hillyer
    Elezebeth Hillyer

    He gets paid for this right?

  • Elezebeth Hillyer
    Elezebeth Hillyer

    and I thought my car was messy

  • Anonymous mask.
    Anonymous mask.

    20 hrs really you probably charged them a bank. We do it ourselves too. Less than 4 hrs

  • iiPeachy_sky

    Can you clean my life like this? 🧼 ✨💕

  • tash .891212
    tash .891212

    Omg how do u sit in this? For those stubborn stains u could try oxy master in hot water

  • sorta sisters
    sorta sisters

    The lady: hi can you clean my disgusting car The guy: why cause your to lazy to do it yourself

  • LS

    24:44 forbidden chocolate milk

  • LS


  • ooga booga
    ooga booga

    according to his website she racked up an 1000 dollars because of how dirty her car was 😀

  • Eaze

    CPS should take the kids away, imagine their house. You having 4 kids isn’t an excuse, if anything, it should be a reason to keep things clean.

  • Eevee M
    Eevee M

    these people shouldn't have kids.

  • Jennifer L
    Jennifer L

    This is their "van with 4 kids" Imagine what their house looks like 🤮🤢 Just admit it people... you're nasty!! Don't blame the kids


    Koi India se Dekh rha hai to Bhai hm log to 5 balti Pani Dal ke car dho lete hai

  • MY - 05HR 842035 Forest Glen PS
    MY - 05HR 842035 Forest Glen PS

    Who ever owned this car had a problem

  • MY - 05HR 842035 Forest Glen PS
    MY - 05HR 842035 Forest Glen PS


  • LGBernier Bernier
    LGBernier Bernier

    I wish you would just put a dirtiest car award ribbon on the car

  • LGBernier Bernier
    LGBernier Bernier

    Your shoes must be traumatized they got first-hand view