Deep Cleaning a DISASTER Work Truck!! | Super Nasty Car Detailing and INSANE Transformation!

13 mar 2020
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Deep Cleaning a DISASTER Work Truck!! | Super Nasty Car Detailing and INSANE Transformation! This Chevy Silverado was one of the dirtiest vehicles I've ever seen and had moldy carpets and all kinds of dirt and grime EVERYWHERE so in this video I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean and completely transform this Silverado!
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  • Who enjoyed seeing this Disaster truck’s EPIC transformation?? 🙋🏻‍♂️ 🎸 Name that tune: What song did I play in the outro? 🤔

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  • Hello to the detailing geek I live in the southeast of Ireland and love watching dirty cars and trucks being transformed to lovely shining ones

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  • The carpet extractions and pours are very satisfying. Do you make compilations of them?

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  • Do you ever rinse out the carpets with fresh water? I only ever see you vacuum up solution and dirt. I never seen you rinse carpets then extract again? Just asking.. you always do nice jobs on your vehicles but I have ocd when it comes to cleaning my trucks...

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