SUPER Cleaning a Big Dirty HUMMER! | Nasty Carpet Cleaning and Disaster Detail Transformation!
This Hummer H3 had some NASTY and colourful carpets, a nasty headliner and an engine bay that hadn't been cleaned for 13 years! Enjoy my satisfying and relaxing process to SUPER CLEAN this disaster detail Hummer!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Lilly Brush -
Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5” Backing Plate -
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Tire Brush -
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Grit Guards -
Dust Mask -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Adams Ceramic Spray -
Carpet Solution -
Folex Spot Remover -
Wheel & Tire Cleaner -
Glass Cleaner -
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CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek

    Now those were some colourful extractions! Hope you enjoyed seeing the owner’s reaction in this one!

    • Bryce Bennett
      Bryce Bennett

      @Lauren D yi were w tea i teeter tyes you we qwi teowqqqq ute qqw guy the i yu try iy we teeter yw

    • Aidyn Ware
      Aidyn Ware

      @Out of Rhythm same, this is the first video I've watched during the day and actually made it through to see the end of it. I usually am asleep by the time he finishes washing the seats.

    • Lil bit
      Lil bit


    • darren dobelman
      darren dobelman

      @Lauren D 545555⁵54⁵54545555455⁴544555⁴⁴5⁴⁵⁵54554445⁵⁴5444444554444444554⁴54⁴5444444455444444444⁵54444444444⁴454445⁵45⁴544454⁴545445⁵⁵455544444455544⁴54444544⁴544⁴5⁴⁵4⁴5⁴⁴⁵⁵⁴5⁴⁵⁵⁴⁴⁴544⁴5⁴⁴5⁴⁵⁵⁵⁵44⁵5⁴54⁴5⁴⁵⁴4⁴4⁴⁴54⁴45⁴⁴⁵⁵⁵⁵⁴⁴⁵⁵⁴5⁴5444⁴⅘⁵⅘54444⁴⁵45⁴5⁴⁵4⁵4⁴544444544544⁴545⁴5445⁴⁴44⅘5444⁴44454544444445⁴54454444⁵44545⁵54445445⁴444444⁴544⁴54445⁴54⁴444455⁴44444⁴⁴44445445⁵⁵54⁵444⅘⁵44⁴⁴54⁵⁴44⁵5444⁵54⁴4⁴4⁴5444⁴5444⁵544⁵4455454445445⁵⁴44⁴544544⁴⅘⁵454⁴4⅘⁵4⁵⁴⁵⁵⁵⁴5⁴⁵⁴⁴⁵445⁵545⅘54555⁴544⁴⁵⁵5⅘5⁴⁴54⁴5⁴4⁵⁴⅘⁵⁴⁵⁴⁴⁴444⁵⁵⁵⁵44⁵⅘5⅘⁴⁵4⁴⁵⁴⁴⁴⁴⁴⁵⁵⁵⁵⁴⁴⁴⁵⁴⁴⁴⁵⁵⁴⁴⁵⁵4⁴⁴⁵⁴⁵4⁴44⁴4⁴⁵⁵4⁴⁴⁴⁴⁴⁴⁵⁵4⁴44⁴⁴⁵⁵5⁴⁴⁴⁴5⁴⁴5⁴44⁵⁴54444⁵5⁴4⁴44⁴4⁴444⁴⁴⁴⁴⁵⁴⁴⁴⁴⁴⁵⁴⁴⁴⁴⁴⁵⁴⁴4⁴⁴⁴444544⁵454⁵⁴44⁵4⁴⁴⁴5⁴⁴544⁵⁴4444⁴⁴⁴⁴⁵⁴4⁴4⁴4⁴⁵4⁴54⁵⁴⁴4⁴⁴4⁴⁴⁴⁴⁴444⁴4444444⁴44⁴444444⁴4⁴4⁴44444⁴4⁴⁴444⁴44445444444⁴⁴4444444444⁴44444⁴⁴44444444444444444544⁴⁴44⁴⁴44444444444444⁴⁴⁴44444⁴⁴4444444444444445444444444⁴4444444444⁴444⁴44⁴444444⁴444444⁴⁴444444444444⁴444⁵4⁴⁴⁴4⁴4⁴44⁴⁴44⁴⁴44⁴⁴⁴4⁴⁴4⁴44

    • Tasos Dimitriou
      Tasos Dimitriou

      What did you use for the chrome parts ?

  • Hannah Lomara
    Hannah Lomara

    I love the steamer part!!!

  • IslanderJer

    With respect to the blue stain. If I have a black carpet I would go ahead and use a black spray dye. With a lighter mid-grey carpet, you can apply the die to a cloth and then gently apply to the affected area to bring it back to a closer colour than blue. Totally personal preference of course. I’d also run it by the customer before carrying out.

  • Jay

    This is one of my favorite humans. I just wanna see guitar covers by him for days

  • djkulp1

    YOU do a wonderful job in getting these vehicles cleaned up. Don't know what you charge ... but my question for your wonderful work is busy can you be ? One car per week average to 6 cars per week. Just curious. Thanks.

  • Mike Francis
    Mike Francis

    I can tell you about build quality. They are junk.

  • Brian Canavan
    Brian Canavan

    I'd hate to live next door to this guy with my filthy cars :D

  • FishHeadStew _
    FishHeadStew _

    How much did you charge for this process if you dont mind me asking?

  • Anna Amos
    Anna Amos

    I watch hoarders cleanup series, those all day home cleaning/organizing videos and my dude here in detailing nasty cars. I feel you, OCD.

  • Stovebolt LVR
    Stovebolt LVR

    A million more hits if it was titled.. " She gave me a big, dirty Hummer and in exchange I extracted her stinky, nasty carpet" and she was well pleased!.

  • Ianna PH
    Ianna PH

    Is this for free?? How much for detailing??

  • Mayur Purohit
    Mayur Purohit

    How much do you charge for this service ?

    • Looking Fresh
      Looking Fresh

      Probaly a couple of hundred dollars

  • chuck clark
    chuck clark

    I understand you live in Canada damn is it that nasty out there that all these cars look like this or the people you deal with are just slobs?

  • Highway Patrol Trucking
    Highway Patrol Trucking

    Awesome detail! The top looks awesome. A lot of retailers overlook the top because of height...

  • Ellie P
    Ellie P

    I gotta say, for a second there when that seat turned green, I thought my edible was kicking in REAL hard.

  • antonilyas

    I love once you also recorded the car's owner reaction while they saw their car after the detailing ... Its fantastic !!!

  • Sam Lay
    Sam Lay

    You extracted the rainbow out of this one.

  • lisa barnes
    lisa barnes

    Love it good job

  • Max T
    Max T

    Car: *has lots of plastic surfaces* Mitch: Aerospace 303 time baby 😏

  • The Mark of Kain
    The Mark of Kain

    Having kids is not an excuse to live in filth.

  • j lirie
    j lirie

    should just let squirrels loose to clean up the interior..

  • Nicole Adderley
    Nicole Adderley

    Detailing Wizard, I envy your skills and the tools of your trade! This was amazing. Thank you for sharing. I am fairly new to your channel, how many of these disaster detailing cars have actually come back for another detailing? I know you've only been doing this detailing full time for about a year, maybe a year and half by now, but have any actually returned? In worse condition or even the same condition.

  • Aidyn Ware
    Aidyn Ware

    I really hope all the brown stuff on the seats is just pepsi

  • Steve R.
    Steve R.

    It seems backwards that the thicker "nicer" carpeting is easier to clean/extract than the thinner "cheaper" material.

  • Ricardo Estrada
    Ricardo Estrada

    Mitch you inspired me to detail cars and I want to say thank you so much

  • Kris Dubois
    Kris Dubois

    I just found you a short time ago and am loving your videos thanks for taking the time to make such great content

  • Dougie Fresh
    Dougie Fresh

    What kind of camera do u use?

  • Deepansh Srivastava
    Deepansh Srivastava

    Hii, i want to work under you with you, learn from you this perfect cleaning.

  • Kat

    The highlighter extraction was so satisfying

  • -Noor-

    I mean seriously... You drive a hummer. And let it be this much of a mess. Not giving your kids any discipline whatsoever.. not even kidding but the world could seriously do without you. Great you give some work and thus money to one detailer. But you are no help to the rest of us period

  • Quel Davis
    Quel Davis

    Good vids. I cringe with extractor and cross contamination with streak method.

  • shin Lee
    shin Lee

    stop saying whats going on................

  • ニッケル水素

    nice work😄

  • Manpreet Singh
    Manpreet Singh

    Hi bro luv from India, love ur work, just a suggestion for u, y dont u show ur customer engine bay too, and please record that reaction as well, cuz engine is dirtiest... Well Wisher

  • Alejandro Elizondo
    Alejandro Elizondo

    How much does it cost for this kind of detailing. I have an H3T that goes camping alot and NEEDS this.

  • Aditya Pradana
    Aditya Pradana

    Seriously, how many microfiber towel that u have ?

  • Deenuka Gunawardana
    Deenuka Gunawardana

    Well atleast u should be proud of yourself for getting most of the blue stain out.😊😊😊

  • Klebber Bezerra
    Klebber Bezerra

    He does an incredible job yet he is humble. I like him. Love his videos. Amazing what he does and he keeps his cool 😎

  • Seal Man
    Seal Man

    19:33 the beat kind sound like ‘post to be’ beginning beat.

  • Elijah Stanfield
    Elijah Stanfield

    anybody else watch these at 1.25x speed?

  • JPerrigan08

    What is then name of the music/beat at the end reveal?

  • Corny Comedian
    Corny Comedian

    I know you took them gold dollars🤪😂😂

  • carlos figueroa
    carlos figueroa

    Buen trabajo amigo... good job 👏🏻 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼wow... How much did the client pay for nice work?

  • 김성태

    Shim Seok Tae 🇯🇵, 🇺🇸

  • Macadia Gonzalez
    Macadia Gonzalez

    What vacuum do you use ?

  • Dean Wethers
    Dean Wethers

    What tool are you using to spray on the cleaner on the car mats??

  • Dean Wethers
    Dean Wethers

    What vaccume are you using and attachment??

  • Wheel Young
    Wheel Young

    How long does a detail job like this take?

  • Demar Parson
    Demar Parson

    What is the psi of the pressure washer you are using???

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    Nicole Beltran

    Addicted to these videos!! What spot sprayer do you use for the carpets and floor mats?

  • trilli865

    The bubble gum the easy way to remove is frozen ( ligther gas may be ) when is freeze like a rock , take a screwdriver and shazam ! !👍 not smelting , the opposite .

  • Mashhad Raza
    Mashhad Raza


  • Mashhad Raza
    Mashhad Raza


  • Akila Khweiss
    Akila Khweiss

    White toothpaste will help with all stains

  • Christina R
    Christina R

    I live for the steamer process..sanitizes and disinfects and cleans at same time✨

  • corvettekiller96

    This is one reason I refuse to buy a used car if it’s been freshly detailed. I grew up doing this and know exactly how bad something can be treated and pay someone a grand to make it look new lol. This kind of wizardry can make you buy junk lol. Good job man!

  • Joshua Lilly
    Joshua Lilly

    Lol 11:36

  • Neocat Harry
    Neocat Harry

    Question? Are people lazy that they can’t clean their own cars?

  • Eli Alexander
    Eli Alexander

    Definitely the most colorful detail

  • misscmae

    Do you have a video where you clean and put away all your tools?

  • notxarb

    Don't you just love hearing the customer say, "Wow!" over and over?

  • BadPian0 0fficial
    BadPian0 0fficial

    Now u are rich with those pennies

  • Fumani Siwele
    Fumani Siwele

    Is it me or did someone also see a R5 coin

  • alexandru luca
    alexandru luca

    Hey there!! How much it costs this kind of detail? Thanks!

  • Ivor Knezevic Huzjak
    Ivor Knezevic Huzjak

    ~ This dude should start making commercials for a new car releases because he does it better than the actual manufacturers ~

  • rjbgfx

    My favorite part is when he pours the water and says "gross".

  • Derek Barbo
    Derek Barbo

    After detailing so many cars, do you have car manufacturers who, in your opinion, have the highest quality seats, carpets, plastic trim, etc?

  • Resce is God
    Resce is God

    First mistake: buying a hummer

  • Mason Lake
    Mason Lake

    Just a tip. Alcohol works really well to get ink stains out

  • Howard Ingham
    Howard Ingham

    Do you wash on top where the cargo racks are?

  • Oliver1

    Why stuck on the carpets euros...i thought he is located in canada

  • Scoob

    now i am motivated to clean my room. but one more vid before.

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    Gema over

    عربي اثبت وجودك

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    How tall is this guy??? he makes the hummer looks small hahaha

  • Kenneth Hall
    Kenneth Hall

    @TheDetailGeek how much do you charge for a detail????!!!!! Is it per hour? Or set limit?

  • Cre8tive Cre8tion
    Cre8tive Cre8tion

    How much do you charge for a 12 hour job like this?

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    Aaron Cargle

    Love this channel

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    Sloan The mechanic L

    How much

  • Austin Knight
    Austin Knight

    i always like how he talks about the products he uses as if they sponsor him like that just amazing!!

  • Shawn

    0:58 finally found O.J.’s other glove.

  • Butacup Pucatub
    Butacup Pucatub

    Loved the owners reaction!!! She just kept on saying, "WOW!!!" That's when you know all the back breaking work asn't all for naught. You did a stellar job. And, glad to see what you do to get the engine bay all sparkly and shiny.


    Have you considered spraying mats on those black square things that snap together (forgot name lol) to let the water and debris out easier from under them

  • yaser bukhary
    yaser bukhary

    God bless you man that you can stand the dirty Car's

  • HuntingWolf82

    What is the name of the song playing during montage? Great job on that paint, whew wee lol

  • Gabriela Lamberti
    Gabriela Lamberti

    What I want to know is what is wrong with the owners of these cars? How can they let the car get this filthy??? 🤔🥴🤷

  • Summer Rigney
    Summer Rigney

    Not sure if you actually answer..... but you talk a LOT about the velcro kind of carpets. How well does the Lilly brush do on those types?

  • Kanggoo

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    bum head

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  • bow

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  • Beard Bro
    Beard Bro

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  • Beard Bro
    Beard Bro

    why the hell am I seeing Joe Biden ads on your video? Trump all the way, Trump 2020!

    • c Alexis
      c Alexis


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    Sam Rahman

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