DISASTER Detailing a Classic American MUSCLE Car!

19 feb 2021
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This Dodge Challenger was a total DISASTER! Super filthy and full of dog hair, this Classic American Muscle Car needed an intense deep clean to get it looking like a BEAST again!!
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  • Absolutely loving how the Challenger turned out! Definitely one of my favourite details to date! Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Consider becoming a channel member for exclusive access to additional content! Mike would love you for it! 👉🏼 eswindow.info/block/AQHQEO4QpI5dXtr3vLoFCg.htmljoin

    The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace 8 días
    • @Mark Cli steam cleaner good choice

      Autovageris DetailingAutovageris DetailingHace un hora
    • Amazing

      CX Auto DetailingCX Auto DetailingHace 2 días
    • What is your best way to clean dirty seatbelts?

      Mark CliMark CliHace 2 días
    • Hi, you use bissell standard hose or extended? i bought but very short hose

      Autovageris DetailingAutovageris DetailingHace 2 días
    • @Detail Geek, Hi, I just found your channel and love it. Great content. I hope you can help me out with a quick question. I have a part time small Mobil auto detail business with every day drivers as my customer base. In the past few years i have been using 3D speed as my all-in-one go to for my customers. Recently ive been thinking of changing because the product seems to not have the best protection and the great glow it gives only lasts a few days then wears off. Can you suggest another all-in-one product i can use to replace 3D speed, one that is similar but gives a longer lasting glow and protection. Thanks, Mike

      Mike DekoMike DekoHace 3 días
  • Classic American “pony” car*

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  • It genuinely pains me to see such a beautiful car in this.condition. like you can't just buy a car like this and not take proper care of it

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  • What keeps amazing me is how dirty the interiors of these cars are. Detailing cars here in the Netherlands I get cars like these once a year tops. Are Canadians/North Americans just messier in general 🤷🏻‍♂️?

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  • I wouldn’t bother cleaning this vehicle. A person that is that dirty will prolly get it from clean to trash can in a blink of an eye

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  • He's so cute I'm not even gonna lie! And he's a spectacular detailer! Wish I lived in Canada so I could get a car done by him, I'd show it off!

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  • tbh if he is one of those guys who has a dog and goes into the mud why the fuck did he buyed a challenger

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  • Imagine buying a nice new muscle car just to trash it like this. Oh wait, it’s just a v6 😂

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