Super Cleaning a DISASTER Honda Civic! | Insane Dealer Rejected Detailing TRANSFORMATION!
This Honda Civic was rejected by another detailer and called "uncleanable" so in this video I'll show you my satisfying process to deep clean and transform this Civic!
#disasterdetail #carcleaning #cardetailing
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Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5” Backing Plate -
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CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
Lilly Brush -
Undercarriage Washer -
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Drill Brush -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek

    Did I just clean up a crime scene or was it really just chocolate milk...? 🤣 Hope you guys enjoyed this EPIC detail! Check out the second channel for more content!

    • Anne Hensley
      Anne Hensley

      @The Detail Geek No insult intended re:condo - It would have to be custom due to the amazing floor and drain. I suspect you have your vacuum and pressure pump in the walls? AHHH...I just saw your vid on the Garage Build. Nice. Thanks Detail Geek!!

    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek

      @Anne Hensley It's not a condo community, it's a custom built house. And yes the garage was designed and built with detailing in mind :)

    • Anne Hensley
      Anne Hensley

      How did you get a drain set up like that in a condo community? Were you in on the build?

    • Ang McStuff
      Ang McStuff

      Second video I've ever watched of yours and my first time seeing Mike and I immediately know his deal........😉

    • Cynthia Price
      Cynthia Price

      You sound like an Albertan.

  • Caitlin

    Do you always use the Bisel on the top half of the seats? Or only when it’s needed? 🤔

  • Amber King
    Amber King

    People complaining about how the car is dirty and how could someone be okay with it for that long. It's called having kids, my mom's car wasn't as bad because we did try to keep things clean but, her car had juice squirt stains on the ceiling, the amount of breast milk stains around the car seat base were ridiculous, my little brother had left silly putty in the back seat cup holder that was the center console it took me days picking the green mess out of the latch mechanism. These are just the standouts that I remember, oh and the putty was a few years ago I still find some when it has been a hot day. Kids are gross, they touch everything almost never wash their hands drop everything constantly and never pick it up unless they want it back they will never tell you it fell, kids are the death of nice things. I work with kids, still love them but you have to be prepared for messes that you don't want to deal with then and there because you know there will be another in 5 mins.

  • Nayz Anduze
    Nayz Anduze

    I don't know how someone can drive in filth day in day out.

  • Tufale Ashai
    Tufale Ashai

    How much would a normal detailing cost?

  • Whitney Mitchell
    Whitney Mitchell

    @thedetailgeek I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but how much do you charge for a detail like that?! My seats are protected and pristine but admittedly I've been guilty of my floor looking like that and my center console being full of crumbs and debris. I get anxiety about taking it in to be detailed without first vacuuming it out and cleaning it to the best of my own ability....

  • Ethan Runyan
    Ethan Runyan

    My car is 24 years old and the seats don’t look like that. Holy cow.

  • Jesse Brockman
    Jesse Brockman

    He neglects to mention in all of his videos as well as some other detailing videos I've seen you need to pay attention when pressure washing door jambs the panels on the sides of the dash are not sealed if you point the washer in the wrong spot you will blast water into the electronics behind the dash. Water plus electronics do not mix. Also when steam cleaning the dash do not point the steam cleaner at the disc slot in your radio again water plus electronics do not mix. Some of the modern head units ( radio or stereo) can cost over two grand to have replaced.

  • JJR

    Mike is a basic chad lol

  • Suren Dhankhad
    Suren Dhankhad

    Now i am ready to buy it

  • Potasho With Extra O's
    Potasho With Extra O's

    Who's Mike???

  • liveyourbestlife 1
    liveyourbestlife 1

    This is incredibly satisfying to watch👊🏻

  • Franklin Beale
    Franklin Beale

    Late bloomer.

  • Mr WFH
    Mr WFH

    I thought that a week before this video, he ask for any bypasser to throw in any garbage they have into this car.

  • Renee Brady
    Renee Brady

    Jeez, that backseat looks like a murder scene!!!! Yikes!

  • Brawl Strs
    Brawl Strs


  • Jack Lyden
    Jack Lyden

    The title of this video makes no sense

  • Ranger 231
    Ranger 231

    I think I saw a yellow chalk outline of the body on the back seat. That's not a power scrubber and a water extractor ... it's a magic wand! OMG, how can people sit in such filth!

  • Over Comer
    Over Comer

    I am really really nauseated from looking at the crud. Seriously.sweating and clamping my teeth shut🤢🤮🤢🤮


    Bunlara bakınca türkler daha iyi bakıyor demeye başladım ve bunların yanında melek gibi baktıklarını düşünüyorum

  • ARC

    If you rode in that Civic prior to getting detailed, there was probably a 99% chance of catching some disease.🤮

  • Tricia and Dennis B
    Tricia and Dennis B

    How much?

  • QuillAirFilms&Photography

    That dirty and its a 2015 amazes me

  • TaigaNatsuki

    My car isn’t really dirty, but now I want it this clean and pretty...

  • Jasmine Grace
    Jasmine Grace

    Ladies.....Look at those arms 🙈

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa

    I wonder if you’ve ever cleaned up a murder scene?...

  • Rob

    I suddenly feel so much better about my own Honda Civic.

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa

    From what I remember.. this is more satisfying than sex

  • Hannah Melissa
    Hannah Melissa

    Sometimes it’s just kinder to set the car on fire.

  • Tanya Casanova
    Tanya Casanova

    Kids are hard on cars mine have gotten ROUGH

  • Thelma Parker
    Thelma Parker

    Mike is a nice guy for helping

  • Allan Behn
    Allan Behn

    My children were never allowed to eat in my car.

  • Katerin

    Does it need to be air dried or the vacuum gets all the water out?

  • Johnny Toronto
    Johnny Toronto

    Dude, you wore Mike's outfit for the guitar outro, just missing the sunglasses.....oops

  • Bonnie Neal
    Bonnie Neal

    Your back must really be sore at the end of the day. I am wondering if a long folding table would help, by setting the seats on it to clean them. It's nice to see people take pride in their work. Awesome job!!

  • tirgod100

    Those are not car owners but filthy pigs. They deserve a bike a not a car...

  • Emre Karaağaç
    Emre Karaağaç

    Hi. I wonder. How do you dry your washed carpets before putting them in the car?

  • Beautiful Life
    Beautiful Life

    Bro you gave that guy a brand new car.

  • soldado23

    Can you imagine their house? Rats and Cucarachas walk around their house like is a Disney World trip.

  • Joshua Booth
    Joshua Booth

    He just raised the value of that car up a couple grand with that detail job haha

  • NeoStarKat z
    NeoStarKat z

    Mike is a free spirit mixed with a potato 🥔. Which is also how I describe my cat. Also you gotta love how he came out super like 2 spots and left.

  • The Craken
    The Craken

    Am I the first one too think it’s weird how he doesn’t wash the roof on the inside of the car?? 🤔

  • Skyler Puckett
    Skyler Puckett

    This guy is a GOD! Wow, the hard work and dedication is real! Oh and he’s hott too :p

  • cindylheim

    I hope you charged $500 for this cleaning you deserve it ! Also press apart the stitching in seats when vacuuming in cracks. You did a great job I hope they appreciate it. People shouldn't be so filthy. You should be making $300-500 per day for one car with doing a really good job. No more than one per day. 🇺🇸🙂💙💞🌟👋

  • Bryan Czarnecki
    Bryan Czarnecki

    Forgot to detail the engine tho 😆 lol

  • Kirk Lazarus
    Kirk Lazarus

    Judging by all the dents, that has to be a lady driver's vehicle.

  • Niko here
    Niko here

    Hi are you in arizona or? Lookin for a nice interior cleaner I just have black shoe marks at certain places & lil bit of stains on some parts of the carpet interior too thats all just minor spots nothing huge or disgusting lookin

  • John Zero Summers
    John Zero Summers

    About how long does a job like this take?

  • pal98111

    Very handsome. Great butt.

  • totallyguhdude

    Mike is basically your Sasha Fierce 🤣

  • Writergirlk Writergirl
    Writergirlk Writergirl

    Excuse my ignorance but shouldn't he be wearing a mask and boots or something?

  • Coreen Childers
    Coreen Childers


  • Julio Acosta
    Julio Acosta

    I bet kamala harris was driving this car

  • Fifasbestplayer

    How do you know how to take out the seats and center arm rest of every car?

  • Vansh Dutt
    Vansh Dutt

    How much did it cost to clean?

  • e e
    e e

    There are people having such dirty cars? Hard to belive

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller

    Amazing job as usual 👏 Also, this music is 🔥


    How do you dry the inside of the car? seams like it would smell if left wet.

  • Nova Starrs
    Nova Starrs

    Dam, I got spooked on a ghost video ended up here... dunno why but im hooked! Wish you were in NS so I could hire you for our car! Its a carpenter's make belive truck lol poor thing needs it

  • Happy Bunny
    Happy Bunny

    Why didn’t the owner take care of the stains? *when my water drips off the cup* OMG ITS GONNA LEAVE A STAIN!

  • Bear Mayoyo
    Bear Mayoyo

    Like a new one!

  • Laura Bell
    Laura Bell

    This dude’s house has got to be immaculate

  • Nasya Irvin
    Nasya Irvin

    Ppl need to take care of themselves.

  • VanessaPerez0

    I need this done so badly to my car lol. I wash it every few months and I don’t have weird stains or trash but it is a used car so idk what’s under or in the seats 😳


    You're a super man / He's tired

  • Bro Row
    Bro Row

    Your videos help to relieve stress and anxiety

  • geronimo limes
    geronimo limes

    How do you dry the chairs? Is there any particular way to dry them quick?

  • Joshua Freedman
    Joshua Freedman

    The attention to detail (sorry for the pun!) is incredible! Even though this car is wearing its wear and tear, you still try your damnedest to make it look like it's just off the showroom floor!

  • Spirit

    This is why I WILL NEVER have kids. I know what my mom had to deal with, us growing up with her 2003 Pontiac Wave and we trashed that shit with juice, milk and crumbs.

  • robert zerafa
    robert zerafa

    If your brother is part owner of the business, then he is not pulling his weight in running the business

  • viet pham
    viet pham

    I feel sorry for the car.

  • MLE

    These videos are soooooo satisfying to watch 🤩

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    bear savage

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    Antonio Cruz

    Once again what an outstanding job this right here is the truth meaning of DETAILING. Good job . You making me want to start been my own boss

  • VDPEFi

    I got full swagger wagon vibes from the final reveal! Excellent transformation but seriously, who leaves it that long. Health hazard!

  • Serina Krueger
    Serina Krueger

    Love the badass montage at the end of this dented Honda civic with a minions window decal lmaoo

  • Black Velvet
    Black Velvet

    Dang Great Job....absolutely 💯 awesome 💝

  • J. Ritter
    J. Ritter

    Its like the vehicle edition of hoarders.

  • Adah BombDon
    Adah BombDon

    Dude you just upped the value on this bad boy immensely. Great job.

  • Marcin Kencki
    Marcin Kencki

    WTF...This is really the seat someone was sitting on? Maybe the driver and passengers have motion sickness and vomit all the time


    How hot is the steam from the steamer

  • Artem Cultura
    Artem Cultura

    Props bro. Dig the guitar ending too. Start a band and call it The Detail

  • Pxurriity

    Best description of mike and his music- Mike “YaAaAaaaaAaAAAA this music is knocking”

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    honda dealership: these stains ain’t coming out these seats detail geek: hold my Bissell SpotClean Professional

  • KingKarrit

    Minion sticker on the window=Everything makes sense.

  • Eaze

    I will never understand how people can live like this...

  • Jewleonna Ours
    Jewleonna Ours

    I think your mike

  • Compa Moi
    Compa Moi

    I get it peoples cars get dirty because of peoples busy ass schedule but who truly don’t have not even 30 mins to at least clean out the interior and a quick DIY car wash. No one should let they car get that nasty on the inside

  • Mark Frederick
    Mark Frederick

    watch the movie "The Cleaner" with Samuel Jackson...

  • Denice Vasquez
    Denice Vasquez

    You did a great job with it! Those seats were so bad! Bet your back was hurting after 😬

  • EGgamer1125

    I couldn’t imagine buying a car brand new just to allow for it to look like this.

  • William Handy
    William Handy

    A car can tell a story about what type of person you are

  • M D
    M D

    Sure, blame the kids for the dirty back seats that have been that way for a long time. I would never put my kids back in a car that freaking nasty!!!

  • Tonya Jones
    Tonya Jones

    I'm a new subscriber and sir i must admit that your skills are super awesome, i was going to junk my car because my grandkids have made a huge mess but now i can utilize this video to do my own.

  • Faded Purple
    Faded Purple

    I wish I could get my grandpa's car to you omg

  • Lucas Defalco Marcomini
    Lucas Defalco Marcomini

    If the cleaning was like this, imagine the mechanical maintenance?

  • Vodka Queen
    Vodka Queen

    I started watching this coz of the satisfying-factor, but it's also educational. Just got my driver's license a mont ago, so the next step is a car haha, so this is really useful 👌

  • Adam Chvala
    Adam Chvala

    Is he using the steam cleaner on the leather? I'm gonna detail my mom's car this week and I'm not sure what I need for the leather seats.

  • Timothy Kwasnik
    Timothy Kwasnik

    I don’t understand how people live like that just nasty

  • Yvette Mckendrick
    Yvette Mckendrick

    Who's Mike?