Deep Cleaning a DIRTY Elantra GT...Party Car?! | Crazy Disgusting Car Detailing Transformation!

8 ene 2021
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This Hyundai Elantra GT looked like there was a party in the backseat as it was full of moldy food, popcorn, pretzels, fries and glitter! From the nasty stained carpets and seats to the muddy exterior, this car needed some serious deep cleaning!
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  • Definitely hit the reset button on this car...that was nasty! 🤣 Have a great weekend guys!

    The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace un mes
    • Do you tell them to leave their cars that gross??

      Mom Of 2Mom Of 2Hace 8 horas
    • @TheNASCARJeff ضضضضضضضضاتتتت

      امير Jامير JHace 18 días
    • Beautiful job looking amazing!

      Washita WilliamsWashita WilliamsHace 27 días
    • The first time see that car ... Whaattt nasty😂 ... In the end .... Wow 😍.. so relaxing

      Dian TriastutiDian TriastutiHace un mes
    • i wish youd add some of the music names you use!

      Jim MitchJim MitchHace un mes
  • Ok is Mike a real person or is it just a joke? I feel like I’m missing something here... haha

    whispersbymadisonwhispersbymadisonHace un día
  • What is the name of the song which is playing in the background at 2:57

    Mustafa AliMustafa AliHace 2 días
  • Moldy Timbits?! _looks at Mike suspiciously_ 😂😂😂

    TheGrossMetaTheGrossMetaHace 4 días
  • who tf just let's that much popcorn sit there like what

    AmyAmyHace 9 días
  • It’s resale value just went up $2

    Derrick DouglasDerrick DouglasHace 10 días
  • dang...for me, seeing all that brake dust ...hate to clean wheels and see more grime back on the wheels...awesome job

    bigbabysmcbigbabysmcHace 10 días
  • I watch these and im just like how can people just leave so much trash and food laying the their car

    Yomo DunYomo DunHace 10 días
  • I always end my day watching your videos it helps me relax after a long day. Especially since I have mental health issues and Idk what it is about it but its just calming and relaxing I love ur videos

    Mj MckeeMj MckeeHace 11 días
  • Who is mike??

    amber hillamber hillHace 11 días
  • I hate thag song 2:00

    David NuñezDavid NuñezHace 12 días
  • I’m sorry, but who’d bring a car to get detailed without at East getting the freaking pile of popcorn out of the backseat?

    Bill TagliaBill TagliaHace 12 días
  • Who else was thinking that he was talking about some other form of Backseat Party?

    Deadly_PikachuDeadly_PikachuHace 12 días
  • I’m a new subscriber and watching your video everyday . Hope to see more cleaning videos!

    Marjorie FresnosaMarjorie FresnosaHace 13 días
  • What brand etc is your pressure washer?

    Powersproductions130Powersproductions130Hace 14 días
  • I have been detail cleaning the interior of my cars to showroom quality , due to my o.c.d.

    Jaycee CJaycee CHace 14 días
  • Show room quality!!

    Jaycee CJaycee CHace 14 días
  • Anybody know the song he used in the end?

    Musaab IslamMusaab IslamHace 15 días
  • North American calls that an Elantra? Rest of the world calls it an i30 lol

    Benjamin CarterBenjamin CarterHace 15 días
  • Like wow really people so nasty to have their cars like this yuck 🤮

    Hailey'sAutomotiveCareServicesLTDHailey'sAutomotiveCareServicesLTDHace 16 días
  • No-one Me: Wondering how many days that popcorn sat there for. And how anyone could use the back seat.

    J SJ SHace 16 días
  • Here for the pressure wash. That new clean blue is so satisfying!

    J SJ SHace 16 días
  • First time here. Very fascinated. You have me hooked!

    J SJ SHace 16 días
  • Should have a Chris Fix and Detail Geek combo video!

    Terwin82Terwin82Hace 17 días
  • I had a friend years ago who had cats, dogs and a horse. Her car literally smelled like a dirty barn. There was so much fur and horse hair in there, I HATED going anywhere with her. It's amazing how people drive around with their vehicles like this...especially if they typically drive others around. Nasty!

    TehKitteh01TehKitteh01Hace 17 días
  • 9:09 handcuffs??? lol

    Rachel G.Rachel G.Hace 18 días
  • Party car

    Michael ForcioneMichael ForcioneHace 18 días
  • I can't stop thinking about how bad the inside of that car must have smelled

    Angel ValentinAngel ValentinHace 18 días
  • If I ever did this as a kid my Dad would NEVER let me in a car ever again. I could drop a singular chip in our car and he would lecture me....

    Father Louis Willam Suga Adams the thirdFather Louis Willam Suga Adams the thirdHace 18 días
  • Ben burda napıyorum sınavıma çalışmam gerek...Bu arada helal olsun abim süper yapıyosun işini :)

    Elifnur KarakuşElifnur KarakuşHace 18 días
  • I love when he does the tires! It's like, Oh you thought the tires were clean after the pressure wash? Ohhohoho no, just wait.

    GingermammaGingermammaHace 18 días
  • You do an understanding job detailing these cars . My brother detained cars for a living for many years before he passed in May of 2017 . He used to get onto my mother for having a dirty car or even trash in the floor board .

    Joanne Dawn CombsJoanne Dawn CombsHace 19 días
  • What is "inner peace"? Is it something that can be done by just letting go of the mind or is it something more?

    Li TVLi TVHace 19 días
  • I would be embarrassed to bring a dirty car in like this one. Can you just imagine what their home looks like. UGH. Hey, thanks for the video and have a great day.

    Ron VanRon VanHace 19 días
  • Fantastic! You do miracle work!

    Fernanda MoraesFernanda MoraesHace 20 días
  • Dude lol how much is your electricity/water bill?

    Shant AghadjanianShant AghadjanianHace 20 días
  • Speaking of your brother’s New Years resolution, I’ll bet this owner will set a couple after getting their car back!!

    SynergyPhoenixSynergyPhoenixHace 20 días
  • This is so satisfying to watch.

    Maya GordonMaya GordonHace 21 un día
  • I know, random, but I have the same minion with a guitar in my colection

    werty grinberywerty grinberyHace 21 un día
  • you have the patience of an angel.

    Twisted StylesTwisted StylesHace 22 días
  • Name of the guitar solo music please.

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  • Why are these videos soooooo satisfying? I love them 😍😍😍😍

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  • I didn’t know your name was Mitch. I had always assumed it was like.. Josh. 🤣

    Eve ForsytheEve ForsytheHace 23 días
  • Can you show us how you clean your tools in a video?🙂

    Kassidy DesmondKassidy DesmondHace 24 días
  • So the reason why rocker panels, cab corners, fenders, and bumpers rust out is because there are lips and cavities that let sediment build up which out of the sun and wind stay wet basically forever along with the salt and stuff in them. It's a bad, maybe intentional design decision by auto manufacturers to make vehicles susceptible to rust especially in combination with the inside faces being unpainted despite being subject to road conditions and also body panels being not much better than tin foil. I appreciate that you do the rolling thing underneath and I think you do an amazing job of getting the exterior looking great but you almost have to either crawl underneath it or preferably lift the vehicle up and hit the body panels from the inside in order to get an astounding amount of caked up wet salty mud out of them. In the same way that you have to take care to do the door sills and the tops of windows, the inside faces of the body panels need washed almost more than the outside as they don't have the same paint protection and are designed with lips and cavities that retain mud forever. There's a good reason why the same spots on basically every vehicle rusts first.

    Andrew AscheAndrew AscheHace 24 días
  • *takes handcuffs out of front compartment*

    Red DurnfordRed DurnfordHace 24 días
  • People make me laugh they want their kids to wash their hands and not get dirty but allow them to sit with mouldy food in the car 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Stephanie ThomasStephanie ThomasHace 24 días
  • The outro is getting better!!!!!

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  • How much would that work cost?

    Olesya RastorguevaOlesya RastorguevaHace 25 días
  • So do you detail trunks? If so is it included in the interior detail price

    KainsAutoCareKainsAutoCareHace 25 días
  • The kid dumping the entire bag of popcorn was the thing that was too much & pushed this parent to just get it detailed.

    Jamie FergusonJamie FergusonHace 25 días
  • Hey mitch, I have a white leather interior on my range rover, what would you recommend to keep it looking 💯 %. Love watching your films 🎥 all the way over here in GB xx

    Belinda BayfieldBelinda BayfieldHace 25 días
  • borderline child abuse making kids sit in that.

    Marc DelledonneMarc DelledonneHace 25 días
  • Your videos always calm me, the way you speak is soooo soothing

    Etzayanna CabadaEtzayanna CabadaHace 26 días
  • You're the best detailer/entrepreneur on YT. Thnks

    In Jesus name Rom. 1:16In Jesus name Rom. 1:16Hace 26 días
  • party car🤣more like MOM car! Mothers have no shame either, to the person who said "who wouldn't clean it out a little before!" 😂👌 No hate, just lmao over here

    Rae WilliamsRae WilliamsHace 26 días
  • "So how nasty is your car?" "Kids" "Got it"

    KatieKatieHace 26 días
    • Him: understandable have a great day

      Muslim BrotherMuslim BrotherHace 5 días
  • Do any1 notice missing fuel cover?

    Alex BKAlex BKHace 27 días
  • What I’ll never understand is when people have kids fair enough I can understand how the footwells can get gross stuff covering them but the back seats? How the fuck is there stuff all over them like how do the kids sit in there if there’s stuff all over them

    123 456123 456Hace 27 días
  • OMG... that chunk of dry food in the corner of the upholstery... that's what nightmares are made of.

    R BelsonR BelsonHace 27 días
  • Love what youve done, but i wouldn't have gone to that much trouble. The owner obviously doesn't care.

    Lee CoombsLee CoombsHace 27 días
  • You’re the bad ass mma fighter George Saint Pierre of fighting filth.

    bookers whiskeybookers whiskeyHace 27 días
  • Im curious when the car owners, see the end result of how clean their cars are and just die inside of embarrassment. I get it. They’re happy their car is cleaned. But emotionally, they have to be completely embarrassed of how lazy they are. Let’s be honest. People can wash their own cars. Right? Well, in defense of D.G., Let them stay filthy. I enjoy the videos, and learn how to better detail my own cars. Thanks! Imagine what their houses look like. I think Detailed Geek should expand to House detail.

    bookers whiskeybookers whiskeyHace 27 días
  • That's a nice looking car. I like the color. However, I can only imagine how sticky the interior feels.

    Leobel ColonaLeobel ColonaHace 27 días
  • Just to give Mitch something different, I'd bring up our Japanese El Grande full of sand and probably dead hermit crabs (thanks to my younger brother, a kidnapper and a murderer of crabs), since i doubt he gets much of that in Canada

    Reese AlexanderReese AlexanderHace 28 días
  • Pandemic making these Canadian cars nasty!!!

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  • Who is the guy that sometimes comes out n helps u

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  • yo if you need an editor or anything so your swipes and everything are on the drops hit me up ill do it for free just tag me, message me and we can talk.

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  • $1,000 damn

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  • What's the song that is playing during the carpet wash? I've heard it many times, but I've never found out what it was.

    Doctor EmilDoctor EmilHace 29 días
  • "the grossness is gone" lmfaooo

    Arizona ColourArizona ColourHace 29 días
  • Wow

    Kunhee_inTXKunhee_inTXHace 29 días
  • There are pull tabs at the front of the back seats that allows you to pull the bottom cushions of the back seats up. There definitely could have been some stuff hiding in there.

    katie banfillkatie banfillHace un mes
  • I don’t think I will ever understand why people can’t at least just use a car wash. It’s not that expensive🤷🏽‍♂️. Anyway, great content!

    Logan GrossLogan GrossHace un mes
  • I wish you were in Florida. You would’ve loved my car. I brought it used and it was filthy. And 4 years of working and kids and spilled drinks and pee you name it it was it. Lol i junked it.

    Yailene OrdunezYailene OrdunezHace un mes
  • i could have eaten those timbits ;(

    SierraLikesPieSierraLikesPieHace un mes
  • Funny that he say to every car it is the nastiest one

    S -YTS -YTHace un mes
  • Pressure washer series is satisfying but with cars that usually have more dirt grime being removed

    Anda NjombolwanaAnda NjombolwanaHace un mes
  • What a dramatic transformation!!! I love how you can get all the deeply rooted dirt out and extracted. Your vids soothes my OCD and phobias.

    Butacup PucatubButacup PucatubHace un mes
  • I have a blue Honda CRV it’s a 2010 model and I certainly take care of it. That blue Hyundai you did sure was a mess but you made it look incredible. Looks like it was a movie theater car 😂

    William Nowacki IIIWilliam Nowacki IIIHace un mes
  • I wonder what the weirdest personal item hes ever found in one of these cars was?

    Christopher McleanChristopher McleanHace un mes
  • I was just going to ask about Mike! Well I hope he's having a good new years 🤣🤣

    Sami moSami moHace un mes
  • Have you ever thought of using a spray wax? Quick and easy with decent results

    Td0nNTd0nNHace un mes
  • Even if you have kids I dont know why the parents dont make them clean the back when they mess it up

    Twiggy ZigZagTwiggy ZigZagHace un mes
  • I noticed that you don't clean the seat belts, I just felt like it's the dirtiest. Haha

    Jethyl LykaJethyl LykaHace un mes
  • Gotta love all the sanctimommies in these comments. You have no idea what this person's life is like or what they have to deal with. For me personally my car is usually a mess but I have 2 very active young children on top if being pregnant. As well as staying home with them full time, I work part time out of the home, I have my own business as well and I'm a full time student. I also have pretty severe depression and anxiety. To all of the people leaving nasty comments about the owner really need to take a step back.

    Abbie TookerAbbie TookerHace un mes
  • whos mike

    chibizchibizHace un mes
  • Remarkable job . It's awful how dirty people can be .

    Bill BowersBill BowersHace un mes
  • Bed time movie ... Relaxing 😂👍

    Dian TriastutiDian TriastutiHace un mes
  • I just wonder if Mike is his friend or roomie?

    Guinea GamerGuinea GamerHace un mes
  • I'm a silent subbie for a about a year. I absolutely love and appreciate your work. How long have you been detailing vehicles and how did you get into it?

    BklyntransplantBklyntransplantHace un mes
    • His second channel, the first video on that channel is a Q&A where he answers those questions.

      Laura HunterLaura HunterHace un mes

    Santos PecSantos PecHace un mes
  • Party car in covit 19. Perfect🤣 And please wash autside carpet of the those nasty cars. This one much better than the cars with bugs . Disgusting Ihhh iyyykk

    fatma demirfatma demirHace un mes
  • Why spend money on a vehicle (or anything else) if you’re just going to use, abuse and trash it? Having kids isn’t an excuse for filth 🤢 I have two small kiddos. They make a mess, they clean it up 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Ash MAsh MHace un mes
  • @The Detail Geek hello! Absolutely obsessed with you and your channel. I have a question and if you could answer it would be greatly appreciated! So im getting into car detailing myself and wanna buy the Bissell extractor but alot of the reviews say that the hose cracks. Has this ever happened to you? Im buying it because your recommending it btw! Thanks! Ps: im in the United States.

    Heather BloodHeather BloodHace un mes
    • Glad you enjoy the videos! No I’ve never had an issue with my Bissell, although I do take care of it pretty well. I think it’s more an issue of people dragging theirs around by the hose 🤷🏻‍♂️

      The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace un mes
  • where u got that extention wand on pressure washer??? can u link it

    Dee JayDee JayHace un mes