Deep Cleaning a DIRTY Bug-Covered JEEP! | Nasty Jeep Detail and Satisfying Vehicle Transformation

5 jun 2020
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This Jeep was filthy, absolutely ham blasted by bugs, and even came with a few surprises on the inside so in this video I'll show you my satisfying and relaxing process to deep clean this Jeep Grand Cherokee!
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  • We need to talk about why you so kind and cute ?

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  • Is it a country thing to have this many bugs on the front of a car? I live in Houston Texas and I’ve been watching him for over a year now and I’ve been specially paying attention to see bug guts on the front of my car and haven’t seen any...

    Destiny NicoleDestiny NicoleHace 20 días
  • Hi Can I use the CarPro Perl in the Interior as well instead of using 303 Protectant ? I can't get my hands on the 303 Protectant in Malaysia. Thanks

    Antonio Coach TonyAntonio Coach TonyHace 21 un día
  • Any wranglers?! Mine isn’t really dirty like that but I wish you could detail mine! Why do I have to be in US ahhh

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  • Price?

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  • I did a bit of googling and found that the carpeted wheel wells actually reduce the road noise inside the car. Now I know why I can hear the tread on my tires when I drive on the highway. 🎶the more you know🎶

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  • I have a 16 Jee9 Grand Cherokee and just an FYI, the very back that you were trying so hard to vacuum up, that whole piece comes out that you can pressure wash it.

    Teri DickTeri DickHace 2 meses
  • 11:58 Did he just take a spatula out of there? Who keeps a spatula in their car? 😂

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  • (exagerating) aww yeah, carpeted wheel well liners, my favorite

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  • I never liked putting bumper stickers on my cars or stickers on windows it takes away it’s look in my opinion. Unless you drive for NASCAR

    Jimmy VilaJimmy VilaHace 2 meses
  • It drive me nuts when people don’t cut off the rubber “tab” at the top of aftermarket floor mats.

    Timmy RTimmy RHace 2 meses
  • Me when I saw that both my mom and dad's cars had carpeted wheel wells: "looks like we need a new car"

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  • Is it just me or was ANYONE else disappointed that the trunk's floor wasn't focused on at all. I would've watched 5 more minutes of this awesome stuff where you can show the cleaning of the truck.....maybe? That's all

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    • Yes I’ve shown that in several videos on the second channel! 🙂

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  • When you extract the carpets with the white background, it’s pretty satisfying

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  • Can we just appreciate his dedication for cleaning UNDER the car i know that 99% of us don’t do that

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  • I would like to know the person is that tought putting carpet in wheel wells would be a good idea, obviously he never washes his own car,

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  • Hello fella, i speak from Brazil and i am a big fan of you and your Job! How long time for finished the car and come back for the client?? tks for satisfaction of see your channel!

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  • Sab log subscribe kar do please

    vedant Gawdevedant GawdeHace 4 meses

    vedant Gawdevedant GawdeHace 4 meses
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  • I’m surprised how people treat the inside of there cars... I can understand the outside of the car being dirty and stuff ... how hard is it to throw rubbish in a bin ? .. is it that hard? Thanks for the upload I really love your channel..wish you were in Australia.. I would come to you. Every time for detail

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