Deep Cleaning a DIRTY Old Farm Truck! | Insane 25 Year Disaster Detail Transformation

19 jun 2020
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This old farm truck hadn't been cleaned for 25 years and was FULL of dirt, straw, stains, and even some dead bugs so needless to say the transformation it makes is EPIC!
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  • LOVED the transformation this truck made...all the blue on this truck looks so good! Wish I knew someone who would give me a truck for a few hours of work chopping trees 🤣 Hope you guys enjoyed this one!

    The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace 8 meses
    • What kind of extractor and cleaner do you use for the carpets

      Joseph PearsonJoseph PearsonHace 2 meses
    • Man you are really great at what you do. You have great attention to detail, I would let you detail my car but I detail it myself and being in the military have a huge attention to detail. My car is often spotless because I actually want it to last a long time and retain its value lol I wish I had the tools and everything you have. Good job on building up your business and internet presence! I’m sure you make more off of the ESwindow videos that the details themselves. Keep up the great work man God bless!

      Shawn SavageShawn SavageHace 4 meses
    • 0

      pafnucy86pafnucy86Hace 5 meses
    • I got a truck one time Sierra with a 454 in it just for cleaning out brush for a lady I wasn’t going to charge her but she gave me the truck I went back and did a few more thing for her for free bc I felt it was a steal on my end I don’t like taking advantage of people she was shocked when I came back and still tried to pay me for that job and still have the truck my son drives it now that was like 6 years age never had not one issue out of it

      Darrel DeanDarrel DeanHace 6 meses
    • My guess is that you are near me. How do I contact you?

      Robert EllisRobert EllisHace 6 meses
  • The oafish mark simultaneously brush because cub identically bubble pro a chemical numeric. fat faulty, stereotyped authority

    Colette KColette KHace 8 días
  • Hi i never see you wash Toyota Landcruser or Lexus NX 200t

    Pov ChhinPov ChhinHace 8 días
  • We need to start a game called "guess that stain" 🤣🤣🤣

    Life On WheelsLife On WheelsHace 10 días
  • Hey DG, any idea when your sold out products will be back in stock? Mainly the interior/exterior detail brushes and the plush drying towel? Love the vids keep up the good work 👍

    Peter SchwartzPeter SchwartzHace 16 días
  • See now that's a truck, not like the try hard luxery trucks that keep coming out nowdays

    Natska RNatska RHace 16 días
  • That guy sure can vacuum fast.

    Mikey RobertsonMikey RobertsonHace 16 días
  • That color reminds me of my first car. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 My 1973 powder blue Chevy Luv. “The Lub,” as my brother and I called it. I miss it.

    SynergyPhoenixSynergyPhoenixHace 17 días
  • Bro they should of cleaned that debris out of the back of the truck. I would of told them no not until you get rid of the bark.

    Jim ThompsonJim ThompsonHace 19 días
  • the goop is dog poo

    Leston YearwoodLeston YearwoodHace 20 días
  • Great job, man, love all of your vids, keep up the great work you do!!!

    Michael T.Michael T.Hace 23 días
  • Question do you clean the top of the car like the roof on the inside. I have a bad stain on mine and would like to see if you knew how to remove it. And I love to wash cars as a side gig and I love to use chemical guys and meguires

    Angelina GarciaAngelina GarciaHace 25 días
  • Must have taken 2 hours to vacuum that thing

    Brent HedrickBrent HedrickHace 26 días
  • Do you also clean the head rest? Just curious on the colors that might come out.

    kevin greenekevin greeneHace 26 días
  • How do you clean the bed of truck? Like after you have sprayed the foam?

    Kassie BachmanKassie BachmanHace 27 días
  • Where do I get the lilly brush from I have black lush carpets and a husky no matter what it’s always hairs deep in my carpet😞

    antonio walkerantonio walkerHace un mes
  • Why don't you use a respirator? You go through all this hazardous shit. 🤔

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  • nice edgar winter tune and the truck looked good too

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  • Love from India...❤️❤️ It's so satisfying .....awesome🔥🔥

    Prithviraj RajakPrithviraj RajakHace un mes
  • Super bro you even. Give nice finish touch for the car like that way that look like a new manufactured car just came from factory

    Network of scienceNetwork of scienceHace un mes
  • Sad how a 25yr old truck still looks better than a modern van of a messy family.

    H恵美子H恵美子Hace un mes
  • why don't you clean the engine bay?

    DarcyDarcyHace un mes
  • 광고제거 30:50

    suk minsuk minHace un mes
  • that thing was clean compared to most of them I have seen you do recently

    Edward BakerEdward BakerHace un mes
  • Jack Dorsey

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  • I would love to see him show him cleaning the side of the seat where like the buckle lock is. Since I don’t see it my brain tells me he didn’t do it 😂

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  • What pressure washer do you use ? Big fan in the states.

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  • Bowser's Fury

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  • the part in your videos where u pour out the dirty water always makes me gag.

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  • I almost want to take my big ol 1999 Suburban up to you from AZ. Sure, there are probably detailers down here, but you make them look factory fresh inside.

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  • Gorgeous truck!!

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  • 6 months old video. 2.1 million views.

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  • Is it just me or does this videos make me sleepy

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  • are you american

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    • He is Canadian.

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  • The rampant gym desirably rock because clef marginally curl down a uttermost christmas. nosy, worried turnover

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  • I love these old style GM trucks. I've own a 87 and a 93 1500 trucks. They both are really good

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  • Gran trabajo mi amigo!👌👍❗

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  • This is an example of how nice canadians are

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  • Did he just say it ONLY had 100k+ miles on it 💀

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    • 143k miles for a 25, this year 26 year old truck is not a lot.

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  • Funny how a DIRTY Old Farm Truck is cleaner than cars of famillies with children

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  • The song its like that pornhub song


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  • I wonder what the engine compartment looks like.

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  • Now I EXPECT a true farm truck to be filthy. And it's still not anywhere near as messy as half the vehicles you get in from the city.

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  • This is so satisfying. Binge 👀

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  • Do you have links for the music in this video?

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  • Do u charge the same for all or it depends on the dirt!!!

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  • You can def tell the difference between the city slickers and country living vehicles. You think this is a dirty country living vehicle 😂😂🤣 you were like, “a bunch of bark in the bed” OMG I about died, that’s one hard working country living customer, good on them! That’s my kind of dirty 😉

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  • Old school love the older trucks

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  • I’m from Sweden and you are amazing ❤️❤️❤️💕

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  • how much do u usually charge? like by the hour? or depends on how filthy it is? just curious

    Dottie CrateDottie CrateHace 2 meses

      EL1ASEL1ASHace un mes
  • Hi, Detail Geek... what is the little red hand tool you use to scrape the hair from the carpet?

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  • This shoud be ab add on how the apple watch is water resistent

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  • Does the Lilly brush work on regular in-house carpet at well or just vehicles?

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  • What kind of extractor and cleaner do you use for the carpets

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  • I like the colour of the carpets, never thought I’d say that about a vehicle of any kind, you do an amazing job, most of the time if I hadn’t seen the video, I’d have thought you’d swapped the cars!

    TimeHunterTimeHunterHace 2 meses
  • To The Detail Geek: Here is a video on **HOW TO POLISH HEAD / TAIL LIGHTS ON CARS AND TRUCKS!!**:

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  • Me when I read the title at first not understanding it: this truck must be really bad if it took the guy 25 years to finish

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  • Me while watching: Left elbow in my study table, chin in my knuckles, squatted in bed, watching your serious sideview face more than the car, and tapping my righthand fingers on the book beside. >.< Simp! Simp! Simp! A perfect study break! ;)

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  • Wow!!😱 Sweet deal!! I like the 2 tone blue. 💙👍 Awesome transformation as always dear sir!!💯😊

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  • I'm from Hungary and way back in the 90's I had a friend who moved to Canada and moved back to Hungary and she told me about ( 10:07 ) that in Canada the vacuum is connected to the walls. I thought it was just a quirk of the apartments she was living in, but not I see that's normal there. I'm in the US now and I wish ve could have something similar here too.

    mercedes martonmercedes martonHace 3 meses
  • I cannot wrap my mind around how a 25 year old farm truck came out that clean and has such great upholstery. That driver's seat should have collapsed foam and an obligatory tear on the outer edge with more foam torn out in the same area. There is a piece of my brain that's screaming this is fake even though the rest of my brain knows better. At least my entire brain agrees and understands that you do good work. Have a good one!

    Shaun OShaun OHace 3 meses
  • I was an auto detailer for a many years, if ever what to compare some techniques message me. so fun to watch

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  • Brake fluid is an excellent way to make the tires shiny and clean, it last a long time ! And its cheaper than all than name brand stuff. Let me know what you think ?

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