Deep Cleaning a DIRTY Old Farm Truck! | Insane 25 Year Disaster Detail Transformation
This old farm truck hadn't been cleaned for 25 years and was FULL of dirt, straw, stains, and even some dead bugs so needless to say the transformation it makes is EPIC!
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
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Detail Brushes:
Boar’s Hair -
Ultra Soft -
Undercarriage Washer -
Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
Microfiber Wash Mitt -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
5” Backing Plate -
Microfiber Cutting Disc -
Lake Country 5.5” pads -
Wheel Brushes:
Tire Brush -
Wheel Brush -
Wheel Well Brush -
EZ Detail Brush -
Leather Brush -
Detailing Clay -
Foam Cannon -
Black Nitrile Gloves -
Grit Guards -
Dust Mask -
303 Aerospace Protectant -
Adams Ceramic Spray -
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CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 -
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Bissell SpotClean Professional -
McCulloch MC1375 Steamer -
Lilly Brush -
Undercarriage Washer -
Glass Cleaner -
6” Dual Action Polisher -
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Ultra Soft -
Drill Brush -
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  • The Detail Geek
    The Detail Geek

    LOVED the transformation this truck made...all the blue on this truck looks so good! Wish I knew someone who would give me a truck for a few hours of work chopping trees 🤣 Hope you guys enjoyed this one!

    • Shawn Z Savage
      Shawn Z Savage

      Man you are really great at what you do. You have great attention to detail, I would let you detail my car but I detail it myself and being in the military have a huge attention to detail. My car is often spotless because I actually want it to last a long time and retain its value lol I wish I had the tools and everything you have. Good job on building up your business and internet presence! I’m sure you make more off of the ESwindow videos that the details themselves. Keep up the great work man God bless!

    • pafnucy86


    • Darrel Dean
      Darrel Dean

      I got a truck one time Sierra with a 454 in it just for cleaning out brush for a lady I wasn’t going to charge her but she gave me the truck I went back and did a few more thing for her for free bc I felt it was a steal on my end I don’t like taking advantage of people she was shocked when I came back and still tried to pay me for that job and still have the truck my son drives it now that was like 6 years age never had not one issue out of it

    • Robert Ellis
      Robert Ellis

      My guess is that you are near me. How do I contact you?

    • Santosh Wakde
      Santosh Wakde


  • Rene Gusmus
    Rene Gusmus

    You know it wouldn't be wrong to ask the car owners to have the cars emptied out of personal items.

  • Noora Noora
    Noora Noora

    It seems like someone had a horse in there

  • Happy Bunny
    Happy Bunny

    “It is a farm truck what could you expect?” *well the owner could’ve cleaned it* “True true”

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury

    There’s dirt in there older than me

  • Andrea Walder
    Andrea Walder

    Kaltes oder warmes Wasser zum reinigen?

  • Princess Chewie
    Princess Chewie

    Take the rugs out

  • Saxy Airsoft Gamer
    Saxy Airsoft Gamer

    Do you think a 4000psi pressure washer would be too much for a foam cannon?

  • Tonja Jackson
    Tonja Jackson

    Damn dude, you do excellent work! I had a 1994 Chevy Silverado (which I kick myself for selling), which is very similar to this truck and I wish it looked as good as this one did when you finished it! Makes me want to drive up to Saskatchewan and have you detail my HHR (or my Ranger). Cheers!

  • eric Anthony
    eric Anthony

    I want to clean my seat like you do! what solution do you use to presoak the seats before agitating and then extract?

  • Luana soares Nunes
    Luana soares Nunes

    Dear youtuber. You deserve each like on each post. You are making awesome jobs day by day! Is absolutely great what you do showing before and after. And I need to say: all the cars looks brand New when is done! Who like his job too, leave your like! Help this guy to having much more people on his canal. He show each detail and make us learn little bit every single time he clean a car. I am learning lots with him. Good as gold Boy!!!

  • CeylonDepot

    I'm sure you'll be really impressed to see my 1979 Nissan my dad bought brand new.

  • Noodle Bunny
    Noodle Bunny

    Me when he started vacuuming the carpet: "Whoa it's navy blue" 😆 litterly what I said😋

  • Parzival14

    Was really glad to hear the bodywprk was getting addressed on this and he wasn't just polishing a turd.

  • Rob Mosher
    Rob Mosher

    Great job on the camera and the work performed.

  • Kaitlin Torres
    Kaitlin Torres

    Do you have any recommendations on getting dog hair out of the fuzzy fabric usually on the back of the 2nd row seats? It's not the same as the smooth fabric as the floors, it's almost velcro-fuzz? If that makes sense.. Also on the interior roof? lily brush does NOTHING to it and I can't find any answers !!

  • Willian Hohmann
    Willian Hohmann

    You have a fan in Brazil. If you work here you will earn a lot of money

  • SDG

    It’s just a rust buck that went 4x4

  • Massey 4business
    Massey 4business

    Thanks "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter at the end there.. 😂 😂

  • Chimpkin with 1k subs
    Chimpkin with 1k subs

    That thing is definitely being used a lot

  • Chimpkin with 1k subs
    Chimpkin with 1k subs

    I am a chimpkin

  • Nathen Armstrong
    Nathen Armstrong

    No one cares about how much the cleaner is diluted

    • Nathen Armstrong
      Nathen Armstrong

      Just say cleaner

  • j lirie
    j lirie

    when a 25 yr old farm truck is way cleaner than most family cars 😳

  • j lirie
    j lirie

    1995 is a blast from the past? old?! I'm in trouble, lol 🤣🤣

  • Andrew Montoya
    Andrew Montoya

    I found this guy the same way I found the indian men making house.

  • 김성태

    Baek Woon Ki 🇺🇸, 🇯🇵

  • Marius Marius
    Marius Marius

    Scrap the car.

  • Natalie Rae
    Natalie Rae

    My grandpa had the same truck but I didn’t know the carpet was supposed to be that blue until I saw this 😳

  • Christian

    Can list the songs played in this video?

  • Alejandro F
    Alejandro F

    If someone were to want to start a detailing business how do you know how much to charge?

  • فيصل الزهراني
    فيصل الزهراني

    انا احبككككككككككك

  • TommyWasEjected


  • Braden Barron
    Braden Barron

    Anybody else see how hight the speedometer went😳😳

  • Danny G
    Danny G

    How many likes to detail my 93 C1500 😂

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business

    Just curios, how much does a job like this cost?

  • Anthony Perotti
    Anthony Perotti

    Do you detail your sneakers after each vehicle? They look the same in each video.

  • superunknown ?
    superunknown ?

    17:14 oh, that explains why these older trucks are sooo comfortable to ride in

  • Jesea Fay
    Jesea Fay

    You have a good work ethic

  • True Love Does Not Exist
    True Love Does Not Exist

    Just like automatic carwash 3:44

  • Roth Ethan
    Roth Ethan

    My Ford Focus is dirtier on the outside

  • Chari Allen
    Chari Allen

    That is what you call a bargain

  • Tanya B
    Tanya B

    25 years and that's cleaner than lots of people's vehicles that are less than 1 year.

  • steven

    Wish the headlights were restored!

  • Francis James Reyes
    Francis James Reyes

    Why do you clean it inside ur garage? Why not outside?

  • Grayson Nicol
    Grayson Nicol

    I wish trucks were still simple like this

  • Kai Yuen
    Kai Yuen

    i dont wanna sound like the "they dont make it like they used to" guy but in all reality a lot of the materials and methods used were vastly superior as the ideals revolved more around quality instead of mass production using the cheapest materials back then.

  • Антон Лебедев
    Антон Лебедев

    Русские есть ?

  • trinh xuan dung Trinh
    trinh xuan dung Trinh

    Pretty amazing


    Where are you located i need my truck done too and i woupd l9ve to see a video of it 😆

  • Jameel Oliver
    Jameel Oliver

    The amount of detail and clear effort and professionalism you put into each detail And video is absolutely incredible and I strive to be more like you in LIFE thank you man for being so diligent and a nice guy.

  • Jillian Anderson
    Jillian Anderson

    Why don't you deal the head lights

  • Vince Styles
    Vince Styles

    I love your channel but this truck was not that bad at all

  • Ian Herd
    Ian Herd

    Lmao “farm truck” that’s nothing

  • Austin Cerza
    Austin Cerza

    I like he knows were all here for that sweet sweet dopamine to calm our anxious squirrel brains and he takes extra special care to show all the good shit

    • Austin Cerza
      Austin Cerza

      Personally l love the carpet parts


    I feel some of the cars are purposely made dirty on spot just for content. Anyone else feel that way

  • Mr. GFG
    Mr. GFG

    I loved this transformation... I used to wash cars some years ago, it was fun to get to work on different cars (although I didn't have the fancy garage and the cool tools you have, it was pure elbow grease, working under the sunlight, and carrying my vac and bucket with soap and rags on my ol' 1992 Ford Tempo... great memories...). Keep it up!!

  • Abalam de Paimon
    Abalam de Paimon

    25 year farm truck yeah no...sorry i've been alive too long and living in the countryside, you have a truck that's parked outside every day for 25 years, you can say goodbye to your paint. I like your cleaning up videos but this is just BS. it's maybe a truck built 25 years ago, but that's all of the truth to this video's title....


    The dude who gave the car away 👁👄👁

  • Laci of the Land
    Laci of the Land

    You better hope my truck didn't hear you say 95 is an old yr model. You won't like it when an f350 gets angry.

  • Ami Jackson
    Ami Jackson

    Thank you so much for the slo mo of the mud popping off the wheels it’s so yummy thank you

  • davecold58

    really nice if it did not have that little bit of rust that truck would look almost brand new

  • Omar Taleb
    Omar Taleb

    Him if u want this to remove animal hair check it in the link below me looks me again nah I don’t need it anymore

  • Nicole Biel
    Nicole Biel

    I love that this is a 25 year old "disaster" truck with a handful of skittles. While the last car I watched was just a few years old with insane smashed skittles!! You do amazing work! I wish I lived near you to show me your ways!!

  • Aniket Naik
    Aniket Naik

    Those rims look pretty neat!

  • writereducator

    That rust is every truck in the Midwest.

  • sammy 007
    sammy 007

    Wow I would definitely love to bring my car for a deep clean while I watch of course🤪🤣🤣

  • Steven Rivera
    Steven Rivera

    This soundtrack is fuego 🔥🥵

  • Patrick Simmons
    Patrick Simmons

    Chevy doesn't make them like this anymore

  • rxdoc1

    I really enjoy your detailing videos. I appreciate you always having the links for all your videos and repeating all the same tips for each video so that I don't have to go looking for it. Also appreciate the small tips like the seats that soak up the soap so not to saturate it too much. Good job.

  • jeremiah agtarap
    jeremiah agtarap

    how much do you charge?

  • Alternative Perception
    Alternative Perception

    The Farm truck was cleaner when it arrived than the family car Hummer . Lovely colour on this truck , great work as usual 👍✌

  • itsJJoosshhuuaa

    it’s amazing when me a 16yo at the time and my best friend another 16yo at the time use to drive around in a 95 sierra as well during sophomore snd a bit of junior year and when i tell you we drifted that bitch around every turn i mean it especially in the snow it was the most fun i’ve ever had in a truck and now we’re both almost 18 and we both drive jetta’s his is a 2017 1.4t and mines a 2015 1.8t and we got a few other people with VW’s it’s pretty fun

  • sumanth thummala
    sumanth thummala

    as I had a little bit experience in washing cars and I always used to hurt by the sharp edges 🤦, pls share your experiences with us like did u ever hurted by the sharp rusty edges etc from the vehicals

  • Yeeyeeboi 17
    Yeeyeeboi 17

    Who seen the 22 bullets

  • Warfare Octopus
    Warfare Octopus

    They don't make trucks like that anymore. Such a beauty

  • Ruben Rodriguez
    Ruben Rodriguez

    Why are we watching these videos instead of cleaning our own car? Why don't we ju-*hits play next video* Why am I so addicted?

  • poblo199

    I have a VERY clean white 4 door, 4x4, 2000 gmc regular bed with 240,000 miles. Interior is near perfect and has always been kept up on as well as the paint being perfect. Has a brand new transmission in it and I've been thinking of rebuilding it to keep it in the family for another 20 years. My brother and I learned to drive in it and everyone tries to buy it due to being so clean. Needs a proper polish and wax and I'd be happy😊

  • Tri Pham
    Tri Pham

    It’s weird that the owner wants to detail it first before he does the bodywork. That’s quite backwards to me.

    • Kiah Pride
      Kiah Pride

      I understand what you mean but I suppose it would have to be clean before any work can be done anyways

  • Polo G
    Polo G

    I like how you plug ur merchandise without plugging it

  • Alfredo Velazquez
    Alfredo Velazquez

    If i where a car, i would let you ride me forever... wait a second mmm, forget about it man.

  • Munirah Aziz
    Munirah Aziz

    In my opinion,the interior of this truck is not that bad of a condition considering most of the debris is from work, rather than some of the cars you have done before that's just the owners being disgusting 🤮

  • Adnan Adnan
    Adnan Adnan

    Exept inside truck nothing it’s not deep cleaning but good job respecting like

  • werty grinbery
    werty grinbery

    This one made me feel old xD I guess just like this truck I am too a bit old and rusty

  • andrew rowell
    andrew rowell

    Second the bissel, mines an upeight for house carpets, but it has the same hand held attachment, does a very good job on car seat and upholstery

  • Bryce Rathjen
    Bryce Rathjen

    That's a great deal he got would be great to see the after repairs of this truck it's in good condition

  • korkis Βορειος Αμερικανικος Ολεθρος
    korkis Βορειος Αμερικανικος Ολεθρος

    You know your car is dirty when you drop your cigarette in carpet and never pick it up


    Bro why are you cleaning the exterior first???. Do interior first and then finish the exterior cleaning and washing....

    • The Detail Geek
      The Detail Geek


  • Ricky Brooks
    Ricky Brooks

    S W E E T

  • Paul Frazzini
    Paul Frazzini

    great work man, im a beginner detailer and idk if you did it off camera but what about the engine bay and door jambs

  • Torcida1911split

    What kind of tool are you using when you scraping / vakumcleaning the floor of the car?

  • Salty Cunt
    Salty Cunt

    that interior looks like is smells like a sun baking turd

  • Bunny Bones Tv
    Bunny Bones Tv

    “Brown goop” .....yeah gets go with that. *goop*

  • pizackh

    Do you ever detail the engine compartment of your jobs?

  • Alex Velchoff
    Alex Velchoff

    Please show engine bay cleanup on your next video

  • mattswestone20

    3k? With the rust fixed that truck is worth every bit of 7k

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid

    best lookin truck youve ever had on. I have soft spot for these it was the first vehicle i ever bought without my parents help.

  • ChefDuJour78

    Ya know, we are okay with you working with your shirt off if you want 😘


    That was a good trade.

  • balu bhat
    balu bhat

    True hard worker❤️

  • Giannis Amoiridis
    Giannis Amoiridis

    when you use the clay then you remove that dirty part or you fold it and use it again? i have the same for maaaany years and i dont know if it is ok to use it so many times