Deep Cleaning a SMOKER'S Dirty Car | DISASTER Car Detailing & Complete Vehicle Transformation!

17 ene 2020
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This Mitsubishi Eclipse was covered in dirt, had super dirty carpets and was one of the worst smelling vehicles I’ve ever detailed! It needed a full interior car detailing and exterior car detailing, so in this video I show you my satisfying process to deep clean this Eclipse!
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  • Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a car this time! All the Silverados and Sierras around here are done 😜 Had to play some Lynyrd Skynyrd after seeing the CD in the car 😄 Check out the new series on the second channel 👉🏻

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    • @Jordan Robinson أنا أحبك حبيبي

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    • I know you be cold as hell

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    • @Marcos Dela cruz انا احبك حبيبي

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    • What kind of extension you use to wash the car ..

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  • Omg! I was totally shocked when I saw this car was silver. When you first showed it to us I thought sure it was gonna be black...

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  • Do you also steam ( pressure) clean the engine & engine bay, that would be the full Monty, because you do a hell of a job inside of the cars etc.

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  • I've watched a few of your vids and for some reason assumed you were American. Just saw this video and spotted the toonie on the carpet, then the Shoppers bag. My cars aren't that bad but if you were in drivable distance I would avail myself of your services especially after winter. Keep up the good work. Subbed.

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  • I watched it from the start to the extremely end !

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  • He PROBALY didn’t even have to get those rust stains out he’s so nice :) 😁

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  • How can u let it get so dirty

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  • I came across these vids late last night, I was up until 2am watching them. Whoa...that is amazing the way he cleans all that stuff. I also can't believe how people treat they're cars. the young people maybe, I remember friends who used them as trash cans, I always kept my cars spotless, have a caddy now. Well done man. Even his workplace is spotless. Can play a mean guitar as well. Well done, son!

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  • cheap carpet is HORRIBLE. the vacuum can never get everything out of it

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  • the fact that my dad is a smoker and the interior of his car looks just like this. its sad

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  • What do you guys think that white spot was, I honestly think ice cream. ._.

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  • I have a Honda CR-V and my carpets are like this as well, I can never get them perfectly clean. So annoying! But, hats off to you. You did an amazing job as always!!👏🏻

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  • E

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  • You’re the best at what you do, but I just had one question since you’re in Canada but is it freezing in you’re garage when you’re washing or the place has a heater cause I thought I saw condensation coming out you’re mouth when you breath ?

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