Detailing The Tornado Hunters Storm Chasing Truck! | Satisfying Car Detailing of a Dirty Work Truck

10 jul 2020
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The Tornado Hunters are some of the most famous storm chasers in North America and so is their truck! Flash is an absolute beast and is built to withstand the most extreme weather so I'll get it all cleaned up and prepped for storm chase season!
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  • Make sure you check out The Tornado Hunters and give them a follow to keep tabs on their storm season!! All their socials are at the top of the description! Enjoyed every minute of that detail and I hope you guys did too!

    The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace 7 meses
    • @Sam Kerr They had a show on Netflix a couple years back.....and would have had another this year but COVID ruined that unfortunately.

      The Detail GeekThe Detail GeekHace 11 días
    • They haven’t made a video in 5 years

      Sam KerrSam KerrHace 12 días
    • If it has to do with tornadoes, I follow it. Fascinated and terrified at the same time, they are what I call destructive beauty in nature.

      Theresa MeskeTheresa MeskeHace un mes
    • Wow you did a fantastic job,as usual!

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  • Gotta give it to you and them. You made that truck look really good and them for having such a bad ass capable truck. It’s almost as nice as your Raptor

    I can’t Say whatI can’t Say whatHace 21 un día
  • “Good luck its a little dirty” , “Thats how we like it” 😏🥴

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  • 230,000 miles, 29 states, a dozen windshield replacements and this truck was dropped off cleaner than most of the cars you’ve detailed. Some people are lazy filthy little pigs.

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  • Great job done DG you always do amazing work my brethren.I always let people know their is a difference between a car washer and a detailer us detailers goes full blast when it comes to detail even if the insides still look clean we still go over it again we never miss a spot we always do customers satisfaction work.big ups and much respects DG

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    XinnXinnHace 5 meses
  • awesome video like all other videos. so much pleasure in seeing all your work done really compliments, I'm Italian I would be curious to know how much a so detailing them in your country. thanks again for your commitments to your channel and for showing us so much professionalism and satisfaction 👍💪💪keep it up number one ✌️🚗🚗

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  • Very cool detailing video but you got to wear mask and can't shake hands

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    • No...COVID wasn’t an issue at all when this was filmed.

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